Monday, October 25, 2010

The Pumpkin Patch!

It's our fourth year going to Live Oak out in Banning. We always hope we'll get something resembling Fall weather when we go... but are not always so lucky.

This year, we got ready in our hot house... and it was hard for me to even grab layers "just in case".... but the 45 minute drive took us straight into a fabulous, big, dark cloud. It was wonderful... cloudy, chilly, dim... all of the pumpkins looked extra orange and I didn't have to take off my cardigan and worry about love-handle exposure.

Speaking of, I know what you're thinking in my photo with just Ross.... I wasn't kidding right...I'm HUGE! And I cropped off the bottom of the photo ( I NEVER take time to crop photos)... because I looked even huger.

(And my hair is three-barrelled for the halloween party later that night where I attempted some sort of super-hero look.... poofy hair was the least I could do since I couldn't fit into anything but a superman t-shirt and work-out pants.)

But I did hit 30 weeks today!! There's something about entering the 30's in pregnancy weeks that makes me breath a little sigh of relief. It's still a long leg, but the last leg. I am COUNTING down.


alliehoopes said...

aaahhhhhh!!!! belly!!!!! i love it. more of those please. come on and just do it. and i'm glad you didn't put down your bag for the family shot because it's the perfect yellow. i need a room that color or something. and you people in your cute little cardigans. we woke up to more then 6 inches of white stuff. max doesn't remember it from last year and was especially perplexed. come visit and we'll show you cold. really, you can.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

i love those pictures!

and can i pllleeasse have a cute belly with a super skinny face if I ever have another baby? You look FABULOUS.

And yes, thanks for showing the belly. Even if it was cropped. :)

Lizzie said...

That last picture with you look hot. All baby and skinny little limbs. It's a keeper. You look gorgeous all the photos.

Brandon or Michelle said...

what can I say that hasn't already said except that I just love seeing YOU on your blog. so thank you for indulging us all.

and please, everyone, tell me where to buy the cardigans? maybe the answer is "anywhere michelle, go look in a store occasionally" and then my secret will be out. so I'll blame it on the high of 89 degrees here today.

when cooler temps come though, dude, do I ever want to look cute like you ladies (from mila on up!).

love it!

Tonya said...

You look beautiful and in no way look pregnant ANYWHERE BUT your belly- its beautiful and radiant!!! I on the other hand being 32.5 weeks now am wearing it everywhere and especially my face! I wish I could make pregnant look as good as you do!!!!!

brooke said...

LOVE these! And its true, you look amazing for being 30 weeks. Its only in your belly, and maybe a little in the boob area too.
Next year we can both be super skinny and cute in jeans and sweaters!

Rachelle said...

So great to see pictures of you in all your beautiful belly-ness. You really do look amazing and I'm so sad to be missing this whole process with you, but am soooo excited to come for your shower.
I miss and love you!

Missy said...

I'm laughing at Brooke's comment: "all belly and maybe the boob area too" - it's true though, your face stays so skinny!

These are really just beautiful photos. Love the top two best of those little lovebirds.

Gladys said...

You look beautiful!! What a fun time.