Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sectional for sale!

(This was from our old house if you're confused... I already had it so it was easier than tidying up and taking a new one.)

10ft x 10ft Pottery Barn Velvet Sectional- $500- OBO

Still super comfy-- down pillows--- it's the ultimate snuggly couch.

Sophia took a highlighter to the back of one pillow when she was two, so it's easy to hide, but there's a highlighter stain. There are other normal signs of wear. But it still looks great!

If you're local and interested--- let me know!


Lowdogg said...

Are you buying a new one? Make sure it is as comfortable as the old one! Especially because I may well sleep on it someday.

bailey d. said...

I loved that couch...so big and comfy. Are you getting a new one? I know it's just a big, fluffy, comfy couch, but I'll still miss it. :)