Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It's that time of year!

The weather is cooling down (slowly but surely).... and the picture calendar is filling up. I just hope my rapidly growing body doesn't slow me down too much in these couple of busy months!
This is Kate and Steve--- and this was when we were nearly out of light and I probably should have called it quits, but I still love this shot. So I'm glad I didn't. Plus, then we wouldn't have been able to be reprimanded for the SECOND time of the night by the Nazi Parker lady.

(The first time was a scary guy in his trailer out by the windmills yelling "this is private property! I'm calling the cops!" We were outside of his gate still a couple hundred yards from his house. I was nervous--- seemed like the crazy shot-gun kind of guy....)

There's more of them on the other blog.

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Lizzie said...

That fig tree. I just might have to totally and completely copy you. It's beautiful.