Thursday, October 21, 2010

Birthday Kitchen!

It's a good thing Mila can't read yet.... because I'm spilling her birthday secret on my blog.

Ever since Sophia was in preschool last year, and there was a play kitchen there, Mila has consistently LOVED play kitchens. She went to it every day when we picked up her big sister.
Now they have an ugly old one at the gym, and she makes a b-line for it each morning---

I thought about getting her one for Christmas last year... (or telling Santa), but we were in Utah, and it was too big to fit in the car, so we thought we'd wait 'till later and say Santa left it in our garage (like he did Sophia's bike) because we weren't here, but then we never did.

SO--- with her birthday just a month away... I ordered her this pink retro one from costco... doesn't it look an awful lot like the Pottery Barn option? With a less-cute ad of course.

Costco set- $150 including shipping and handling.- PB- $750 for the whole set. Holy Moly. Couldn't I get a new REAL oven for that? maybe not--- no idea.

I kept thinking I would do something cute and crafty like those homemade kitchens out of side-tables with cute fabric, or a doctored up ikea one, but this seems MUCH easier.... and I think I need to shorten my list of projects these days.

Anyway--- I'm so excited.


Missy said...

we have the costco one - it's a keeper! my girls love it.

Sarie said...

That is SO CUTE!!