Monday, March 01, 2010

After my talk yesterday, where I made the most obnoxious pokes at myself in a desperate PLEA for chuckles.... I think I see where she gets it.

This girl wants to be funny.

I'd heard some variation of this "joke" (I use the word loosely) for several days, maybe weeks... before I realized that maybe I wasn't doing her (or her poor teachers) any favors by laughing.

"Why did the hot dog cross the road?"


"Because there were a lot of hot dogs playing and having fun at the park!"

hmmm... I don't get it Sophia... let's teach you one that makes sense.

And so I did. After lots of attempts at ones that she insisted were NOT funny and did NOT make any sense... we settled on one we both liked.

The first few times she told it, it went something like this.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?.....Because he got poked by a cactus"?

try again.

"Why did the chicken cross the road?.... Because there were a lot of cactuses playing and having fun at the park!"

But the other day... my eyes welled up and my heart filled with pride when she asked me if I wanted to hear a funny joke and she delivered it JUST right.

"Why did the cactus cross the road?... Because he was stuck to the chicken's back!"

It might lose it's humor at the rate she's telling it... but still, so proud.


alliehoopes said...

i've been meaning to email you that i loooove the blue wallpaper and the furry worm one looks like it might eat me. and also like comment on the last 3 posts. i just keep marking them unread so i'll come back. i will later...

what do you call a train with a cold? aaaaaaaaaaachooo choo train

Christin said...

Don't you just love kid jokes. They are never funny but they kind of are too.