Wednesday, March 24, 2010


(My favorite kind of self-portrait. Especially compared to the one below.)

This is the second year we've had season passes, and it's so nice to be able to go for just a few hours and feel like it was still worth it. Yesterday Ross worked a half day, we took off at like 2, got to the park by 3:30, and stayed 'till like 10. Yikes. We don't usually stay that late. But Sophia is WAY more into rides now and we just kept "needing" to go on one more. We park at downtown disney where the first 3 hours are free and the next two are free with validation. Twice now we've been able to get the extra 2 hours validated with our reciept from La Brea express. I don't think it's supposed to work, but it has for us. So for a whole afternoon, we ended up paying just $10 in parking, without all the hastle of the tram etc... I love it.

You know what else I love? Chase from House.

CHASE FROM HOUSE!!! I always wondered what I would do if I saw a celebrity I liked--- I don't think I ever really have before. I saw Cole's police partner from Charmed once, years ago in a parking garage, but I was in my car and Ross was driving, so he had the control (Can you believe I just threw that out there as if there's no shame. And as if anyone knows the characters from Charmed but me.) It's in the past.

One bummer about taking a photo with a celebrity is you can't really check out the photo and say--- "mm... nope --- that's not going to work, I have boy eyes-- or I look like I just went for a run"-- and keep snapping 'till you get one where you look pretty. I think that may have crossed a line, since bothering him at Disneyland while he was there with his family didn't. So you get stuck with a photo like this one--- but you can't not post it, because it's Chase. And you love Chase, even if you don't know his real name.

So what DID I do? I don't think I was that bad. But Ross does. We were sitting there eating our popsicles when he walked slowly right in front of us, pushing a stroller all by himself. I gasped, and hit Ross's arm repeatedly.... I was so excited. And he may or may not have heard me. He didn't let on.

He walked like 20 yards down and sat on the same wall as us, waiting for his family it seemed. It was just before he sat that I took the paparazzi picture on the left--- I had to have SOME memory of seeing him in person. Ross just shook his head. I thought that was all I'd have. And then suddenly he was right in front of us again, and just hanging out there, waiting for his wife to come off of Small World... "well now it's like your taunting us, just begging for me to snap some pictures of you--- " he looked confused. Ross looked embarrassed.

"We watch your show--- sorry"-- Ross says.

"Oh--- did you want a picture?"

And then we proceeded to the awkward, half way picture-hug that I'm still not sure who instigated, where I smiled so big my neck muscles stuck out all freaky, right as his family came out from the ride. My head was on a swivel for the next hour or so, certain I was going to see more of my prime-time friends.

I'm a little disappointed in myself--- just for getting SO excited-- and venturing dangerously close to becoming that crying girl in the American Idol audience. I hope they didn't chuckle and roll their eyes as they walked away hoping to avoid us for the rest of the day--- but they probably did. And I think it was worth it.

Besides that.... we did the matterhorn (no idea how that's spelled) for the first time with the girls, Sophia loved it, Mila got a little nervous for a second but said she liked it at the end. Ross beat me at the Buzz Lightyear game this time... so the rally continues... all in all---- a hit. I don't think we had one fit, (if we did it was from Sophia who is having a VERY hard time with patience right now and with not getting what she wants when she wants it). Mila was a total doll---flirting with the whole park in her new Liberty of London romper. Anyone want to meet us there next month? Gotta get our fill before the crazy summer hits.

I love Disney.


Ms. 20-Something Career Gal said...

I love Disneyland! And I totally would have done the same thing if I saw Chase/Jesse Spencer. What a cutie! True Story - When I met Apolo Ohno I didn't know what to say so I hit on him. Infront of my mom. Needless to say, I believe you and Ross were a bit more gracious than I.

Tillie said...

I LOVE Chase from House too!! Too hilarious that you ran into him! I act like such a dork all the time with celebrities. I think its good I live in a town I don't get to see many of them at! Loved the pictures from the park as well!

Happy said...

Okay, so I try not to comment on your blog b/c I don't want you worrying that you've created a blog stalker and wish you had never been so nice to me, but I just can't help it with this one! Your Chase story made me laugh really hard and totally reminded me of myself when I met Ashly Costa from Dancing with the Stars (she was on the first 3 seasons and is back on now). I was a big fan of hers and when we moved to Massachusetts, she was in the ward that shared our building! So that next Sunday I brought my camera to church and waited in the foyer for her to come out of sacrament and when I saw her I went up to her and said, "Hi Ashly, can I meet you?" Seriously. I told her I was a fan and chatted with her for a while and then asked if I could get a picture with her. My husband was so embarrassed that he held up the camera and took the picture so fast that she and I barely had time to pose. He really doesn't get embarrassed easily, but that one about killed him. I ended up running into her in the mothers' room a few times and talked with her, hoping each time that she didn't remember that I had asked to take a picture with her. So embarrassing, but I don't regret it one bit.

Kym said...

My mom said she ran into you guys, too! (along with 4 others from the desert) What a fun place. I should go more often. I just keep thinking Linc's not quite old enough to get a pass, but maybe we're gettin' close!!

Christin said...

You are so stinkin' lucky. I love Chase too. Ahhh the accent.

Anyway, sounds like you had a blast. We have yet to show up in Disneyland. I don't know if we could do it. Sea World was sort of a disaster. We'll be waiting a few years til' the kids are older I think.


oh just ehu. said...

Oh I love Disneyland so much!!!!!! Just reading your post makes me want to go this very second!!!

summer said...

disneyland! oh these photos are driving me nuts. i want to be there right now. it is still magical to me.

ps. what a hilarious story! loved every word. and snapshot. said...

I *heart* Chase from House! Does he really have that fabulous accent? Totally worth it to get the picture.

On the way home from France we were seated in the airport in Charlotte next to Callie From CSI:Miami. Dennis recognized her right away, but I was not convinced (she looked so old - I need a makeup artist!) until I heard her talking on her cell phone, and with that sweet southern accent, there was no doubt. I listened to her whole conversation, but didn't have the guts to say anything to her, but Dennis sure wanted to! Of course, if it was Chase, I might have had the guts.
You are brave girl!

brooke said...

I love that you compared yourself to the AI scary, crying girl. I am sure you weren't that bad.
And I am not sure who you expect to look like when you are at Disneyland...maybe you should have worn boots to impress him.

missy said...

I was at Disneyland yesterday too! But we left at about 4.

And I saw the blind guy from American idol (last season) as I was walking out. Must have been celebrity day. Ok, your celebrity was way cooler.

Katie said...

Love the pics! Did you know I used to work on HOUSE? If only I'd known you were such a fan...

moliver said...

First of all, I loved the Chase from House story! You're hilarious and I'm proud of you for having the guts to talk to him and get the picture (embarrassing or not) because you only live once and if you didn't, you would have regretted it.
Also, we're a total Disney family too. Love it there! We were just there last Monday and I never get sick of it. I loved your pictures.

Brandon or Michelle said...

whatever. you're totally hot. totally.

seriously, you should see my less favorite pictures of myself. you're hot. :)

oh yah, one more story. months and months ago, brandon's sisters and mom invited me to go to disney with them "in march." I was mortified of such an idea (seriously, do just adults go to disney? seriously?) and declined, hopefully politely.

then look at that, it turned out to be the same day that you were there! I would have DIED if I had seen you and not been able to spend the entire day with you. seriously.

this comment has a lot of seriously-s in it.

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