Thursday, March 11, 2010

mmm-- I give up--- there is no clever title for this very random post.

When I first had Sophia, and I was a new stay-at-home-mom with hours of nursing to do, I was an AVID Kelly and Regis fan. I wonder when it stopped--- probably as soon as Sophia hit 2 and I felt like I wouldn't DESTROY her reading potential by letting her watch a show or two (or 10... I was pregnant). Funny how literacy in your second child takes a back seat. Mila's first words were "I Know You" from the sleeping beauty song. We started her good and young.

Anyway--- I miss my morning show. And my friend Kelly. (I have this problem where stars that I think I identify with feel like REAL friends to me. I worry if I ever run into them in the real world. I think I'd be super weird.) So it was fun to me when my friend, Katie, sent me this link to a clip from the show, and I got to catch a little bit of my old friends. Katie's dad's company was showcased for their new toy, check it out HERE if your kids like light sabers. Or fighting. (what?! never.) If you fast forward, their toy is the last one showcased. Pretty cool-- they went to the New York toy fair, and their toy was picked up as one of the best toys of the year. Here's their site.

Oh no. Sophia just hollered "MOM! Why did you throw my beautiful turtle away?!"

-"What? Well get him out, I didn't mean to!"

Tell me I'm not the only one who throws the preschool crafts out the same day. Busted.

Oh and one more thing. SARAH comes to my house--- TOday. For the first time. Well the first time to this house, married and with a baby and all. She's my best-friend from college and was and always will be a woman I ASPIRE to be. I can't wait to soak her up. And let our two little families just HANG... and eat. What does it say about me that I enjoy my friends based on how much they enjoy eating. She taught me to eat my ice cream with milk and cereal on it-- a staple of my life since college. You'd better not let me down with a post-baby diet Sarah.


Sarie said...

Ok so when we finally do get together--- in that case--- you will LOVE me. Because I LOVE to eat. And I have all these weird concoctions and things that will change your life. Ooooh how I love to eat.

brooke said...

I always throw Sawyers stuff right away, but have to bury it a little so that he doesn't know...I feel bad everytime, but what else would you do with it all?

The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Here is the trick: pile up everything you want to throw away in a "special place" and then when the bag is ready to be taken out, preferably after the artist has gone to bed, stick it in the bag and take it out immediately. If she asked what happened to it after that, say "I don't know, maybe daddy took it to work to show his friends."

And ice cream with milk & cereal? Sounds interesting. What combos are good? I'm thinking along the Captain Crunch line of products?

Brandon or Michelle said...

time with sarah sounds dreamy, even if I don't know her. I hope you guys have a wonderful couple of days. :)

oh, and a note about the tv. when zane was annie's age, it was thomas or nothing. and I was okay with that because everything else seemed SO violent. have you seen those disney shows lately? I would ask people.

and now, with a princess on my hands, we can't get enough disney. sleeping beauty's voice is so wondrous..bring it on, I say. :)

Anonymous said...

Curious as to how you feel like you connect with Kelly....are you as flat as she is?

Katie said...

Thanks for the Mashoonga! shout out. You rock.

Jennifer said...

Referring to anonymous' strange comment... obviously that's the ONLY way that I connect to Kelly!!!! Hahahaha. Lillie on the other hand connects to Kelly because she is adorable, funny, likable and gorgeous! And we all want to be more like that!