Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our First official 5K!

Does it count if it was put on by our ward at church and took place in our neighborhood? And if the winner of the whole thing was 9-year-old boy? But Ross was 2nd amongst the adults!! :)--- with the girls in the stroller, and after the missionaries forfeited their metals. Maybe "official"'s not quite the right word. But it was a 5k nonetheless. Do I look worn out? I was. I could have sworn 3+ miles was no big thang. Did it all the time in HS right? Apparently I've been fooling myself--- running is hard. Really hard. And my body has changed. Missy, you will always be some kind of superhero to me.

Just in case you couldn't see JUST how red my face gets. Scary huh?

But it was still SO fun-- it reminded me of playing sports in highschool-- how being physically exhausted and pushed to your limit can bond people--- and clear your mind. Good start to the weekend.

Oh and it's a good thing Ross left me behind and got to take home the silver. Once we told Sophia we were running in a race on Saturday, she was VERY concerned with winning, and WHAT we were going to win. We kept explaining how it was just for fun--- but she wasn't buying that. A race? Where winning doesn't matter.


Needless to say, she was VERY proud to get to wear a "gold metal" afterwards... and talked about it all day. "I'm so glad we won the race."

I might have some competitive spirt damage-control to do. It's a tricky balance right? I want her to be driven to do her best--- but maybe not be banned from playing scrabble with her husband in the future because of her obsessive need to win and sore-losership.

ok so I'm secretly proud.


Kendra said...

Awe, you all look great. And yes it totally counts even though it was put on by your church.! (: Congrats. said...

I give you the gold medal for looking so fashionable in your altered Ward 5k t-shirt. You can run, and you can look good doing it!

Erin Marriott said...

Lillie......GOsh, where do I begin???!!! It's been way too long since I've been on here, I think I've just spent the last like hr. and half just trying to catch up and figure out where I left off. Okay first things first. Your dad. I can't even believe it. I had tears running down my face because you are just so detail-oriented which I love so much about you that I felt like I was there. And I could actually feel the air being sucked out of your lungs and the ache in your throat when you got that call from your mom at the mall. And watching your dad at the hospital, not knowing if he may or may not make it through the night... And poor Lacy. Oh my gosh if that didn't put her in labor! She was probably going stir crazy and couldn't do anything about it! I can't even imagine what your family has been through the last few weeks and your dad is in my prayers and I just hope he gets better soon. It's so weird, he was such a part of my childhood with you, your dad was always this big strong man hero of a dad that could never be taken down. Anyway, I really hope he continues to make progress and he is in my prayers. Gosh, I feel like it's impossible to make a comment for all the posts I've missed but I love them all and love all your color inspirations and cool thrift store/consignment finds. I'm getting so sick of my 'brown room', as I call it. I looked around the other day and everything is just so tan and brown with a slight pop of red (candles and pictures) but not even enough to balance all the brown I have going on. Then I thought you. You're so good at bringing in lots of color, I need to venture out and play around with blues, yellows,... I want to brighten things up and make it fresh and won't make me feel so claustrophobic. Enough about that. Let's see what else...your girls are looking so much older to me....Mila looks like a little girl now and has lost her baby cheeks (sad), She is just beautiful and Sophia looks like this l6 yr. old trapped in this tiny body...she is gorgeous! Love that you do family bike rides too...wish we could get both families together and Ross and Dan could tote the kids on their bikes up front while we ride and chat in the caboose. And Disneyland...sigh. we went at Christmas time with my whole family and it was just not that kind of trip to just call you up and meet. I wanted to secretly call you from the Haunted Mansion ride and tell you to just 'bump into us'. Maybe next time. I realized we need to do Disney more often, because the girls were in complete heaven and it really is the happiest place on earth. Okay, LOVE the CD cover/cookie holder slash print your own labels idea!!!! I love it. Okay so now this more like an email and I probably should have just emailed you instead of embarress myself with this novel of a comment. Love you.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

i'm impressed! and you look SKINNY, my dear. You're looking fabulous, as always.

S.A.S. said...

Sophia must be one of the most beautiful little girls born on earth. Those dimples, rosy lips, squinty smile... I die. Love the cut shirt, brought me back to our original college bond. And for the record, I will never EVER put a marathon on my to-do-before-dying list... a 5k is there though (and un-crossed-off). Maybe we should do the next one together? said...

Girl, you were the cutest runner out there. I think you better take it up. Plus, you were the most fashionable runner too. You are just too cute!