Friday, March 19, 2010

Did I mention that Sarah and Paul were coming? Well they came.

...and they brought this lovely little ball of baby-hunger-producer (???), Julia. She was so darling. My time with Sarah was so short --- but fulfilling and much needed. She's so dear to me. It's such an old-person word-- but the only that makes sense right now. Dear. My dear friend Sarah.... who could not have married a more stand-up guy--- (and that's no pun for your height Paul--- (he makes Ross look short)).

I've got a few more to post but no time, just needed to get something happy on my blog... we miss you're whole family already!


Lindsay Griffeth said...

oohh, yeah for you. I didn't get to know Sarah all that well but from what I did know of her, she's FABULOUS and I can see how the two of you are DEAR friends.

S.A.S. said...

Oh Lillie - I miss you so already. Why oh why can't we live close, so I can come to your house and eat 30 chocolate chip cookies and stay up playing Taboo with our husbands EVERY day? I want our girls to play together and for you to teach me how to make everything around me more beautiful. You are one of a kind Lillie K - kind and generous, laid back yet put together, and so beautiful I still have guy friends lamenting your wedding ring. Come visit ME now - anytime. xo