Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day

I'm feeling it this week. Could it really ONLY be Wednesday? I got this soar-throat/cold thing that's going around, and amongst other things... not feeling too hot. But it's Easter this weekend! And that means Ross has Friday off which MEANS (and I'm just realizing this as I'm typing this) that really, I'm past hump day. Phew. All is well.

We rode our bikes over to this little desert "field" the other day. I like to believe we have fields near our house. I know it's just dirt with a few weeds.... but the girls still managed to kill the evening until Ross got home, picking flowers. They're such girls--- really-- picking flowers, looking for lady bugs, wearing princess shoes---- the other day we had Tanner over for the first time in a while and I could tell they weren't exactly seeing eye to eye on activities like they used to. Sophia wanted to paint and play "MC at a party".... ("welcome boys and girls! And now we have.... Tanner!!!!"- she says while holding the Rock Band Mic) and Tanner wanted to play fight in the backyard. I caught one glimpse of them play-fighting and Tanner had a big grin while Sophia's eyes were scrunched shut and her arms flailed while she backed away. "I don't want to fight anymore." They're so different, boys and girls. It's crazy.

Can't think of much else going on. Lots of pictures coming up on my photo blog. Editing on my new MAC is fun but frustrating. Still learning it, and I can't figure out how to do things as quickly as I used to. The keystrokes are all different and there don't seem to be as many available to assign to things. ??

My dad is hanging in there. Marybeth says he's resting peacefully and opens his eyes a little. Still intubated and needing a few machines. I just can't wait to get out there again at the end of April and I'm just PRAYING he's awake that weekend so I can talk to him, and sing him songs. Just kidding. Can you imagine? I don't sing. I can already imagine the furrow in his brow getting so much worse. I won't do that to you dad.

Still haven't sold our couch. I think we might donate it for the tax right-off instead. Let me know if anyone wants it for $200.

Oh and Brooke had her baby! She's SOO cute and looks a ton like Sawyer. Oh I love babies.

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KatherineBee said...

I'd buy your couch if you're anywhere near San Diego!