Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Whether I like it or not, I guess I'm converted

I'm still adjusting to some of the differences about my iMac, and sometimes I miss the ease of my little PC laptop that I obviously knew well. But then I'm forced to open up the laptop during my bluelily workshop (if you click on this link, just know that I'm aware that I'm the only girl that can't laugh and still look like a girl, with only one chin, at the same time) and I realize, my fingers have adjusted and they keep stumbling over each other in search of the command key, my EYES have certainly adjusted and my screen is so dull I can't even stand looking at my photos on it, my mind has adjusted and I'm annoyed that I can't drag my folder, hover over another 'till it opens etc.... and now I'm back home and realizing just what a beauty this new piece of technology is. I'm getting NEARER to the end of that learning curve.... and feeling good...

and plus, what was I to do before, if ever I wondered what I look like eating a bagel sandwich for lunch--- psh---- thank you photo-booth--- viola.

Did anyone else read that "vie-oh-la" until like last year? I did.

Inserted days later--- my brother-in-law just informed me that it's spelled "voila" not "viola".... I don't even know what to say about that one. It's funny when you make fun of yourself, but not when you don't even see the real joke. One level dumber. How sad.

SOOO---- when my blackberry died, it seemed a logical decision to just go all the way and get an iphone!! Now I feel like I've secured myself in this generation x (or whatever one I'm technically a part of... generations are so confusing to me. Is there a certain age at which you fall in the one above or the one below? What about those weird families that have one kid, and then another like 15 years later. Are those siblings in different generations? I'm sure there's a mom and daughter somewhere with the same gap? Can they be in the SAME generation? So confusing....but I digress)..

I am a full fledged member of the apple family. And I LOVE my fun new phone! I'm not ready to start a blog over it or anything. I must admit I think my iphone is dropping calls here and there which has never really happened to me before and is VERY annoying. But it makes up for it in so many ways... and not just because it's shiny and colorful and has a sleek turquoise cover.

The fact that I don't have to talk to my phone lady every time I want to hear my voicemail, or wait for her to give me the option to erase since I always forget what number does what--- is very nice. Look at the voicemail screen, select the person who's voicemail you WANT to listen to.. erase with a touch of the screen. Nice.

And I can check my favorite blogs when I get bored doing abs at the gym--- ( I really did that this morning--- sometimes I think as long as I'm spending TIME inside it's four walls, the gym should be working it's magic....)

too much to ask?....

Happy hump day.


Karley said...

You can do sit ups and check blogs at the same time? You never cease to amaze me!

Francis said...

Im debating weather or not to get an iphone.. I have at&t already and they are really bad with dropping calls so Im already used to that.. but I have a blackberry and I love Blackberry messanger(whish is why Im still hanging on to it I guess) but everyone that has the iphone loves it! Do you recommend??

Lillie said...

Karley--- I think you misunderstood me--- I opted for blogs inSTEAD of abs. But thankyou--- I was laying on the mat--- multitasking...

and Francis, I am sad to say that I already had At&t, so I thought that wouldn't affect me either.... it's TOTALLY different. I didn't know what dropped call really meant before. There were a couple of dead zones. Now it's the most random times, and FAR too often.

BUT--- yeah, once you have all of it's features you'd probably never go back anyway. the touch screen was SUPER hard to get used to after knowing the keys on the blackberry... texting seemed really hard, but you adjust. And luckily it corrects most of the words your fingers spell wrong. Good luck!