Sunday, April 11, 2010

More of the beach at Easter...

Met for a picnic at the beach with Mom and Kirk, and Ian and his boys.... there are few things as good for my soul as the ocean. Dramatic, I know. But really--- I felt like it cleared parts of my mind I forgot I had in there.

I was laying flat most of the time buried in Ross' clothes, trying to avoid the freezing cold breeze--- and Sophia insisted on getting in her suit to romp around in the frigid water. She's tough.
One of my favorite self-portraits. You can almost tell just how good my body looks in my stretchy target skirt with Ross' over sized fleece. Did I mention it was FREEZING. I remind myself of Rosario from "Will and Grace". What if the head to body ratio was for reals? Cuuuuute.

I just attended a photography workshop in AZ this weekend by BLUE LILY--- my brain is FILLED to the brim (is it brim or rim? suddenly they both sound right.... or wrong?) with new information and skeeeeels. I can't wait to unleash. These two were some of the most endearing, loveable, down-to-earth people I've met. I loved them. No I still love them. I'm worried I'm going to weird them out now because I think we're really REALLY friends. They were humble yet brilliant--- open books--- so happy to share the wealth of knowledge they've acquired. I feel like I've got a whole new bag of tricks. Thank you Whitacres! I can't wait to post some stuff from the workshop. But my behind is BEhind.

Posted a new engagement shoot I did over on the photo-blog. And while it's not long and flowy, I think I found myself a "field" in this barren desert.


Lizzie said...

Favorite thing about this post? Sophia's swimsuit. I think I want it for myself.

Haleigh said...

I met you briefly over the weekend at the Blue Lily workshop. I brought my three daughters to the studio session. I just googled Blue Lily Workshop and found your blog. Your work is great! I'd love to see what you did with my girls... when you have a chance. Be in touch!


Wendy said...

yaaaay! thanks for the kind words :)