Monday, April 12, 2010

A child's prayer

Just one from a recent shoot-- it makes me love the sunshine, even though I'm usually cursing it out here. I love that sunny haze in a photo.

Sophia says the prayer every night before we go to bed, she won't let anyone else have a turn any more. And last night I thought-- I think this deserves a note on my blog---

Her prayer goes something like this:

"We're thankful for our toys, we love jumping on the trampoline, we love eating ice cream, we love snuggling on the couch with the whole family, we're thankful that Grandpa Randy is getting better, and healing, and his body is getting stronger. We're thankful that we'll sleep well. And we're thankful that daddy will get home safe."

I don't know where she learned it, I didn't learn it until I was selling timeshares, but she's totally got the assumptive close down. "Heavenly Father, thank you for making my Grandpa Randy all better."

Would you let her down if she said it like that?

At first I thought I'd better teach her the other elements of prayer, to ask for blessings.... ASK that her daddy get home safe, seeing as it hasn't happened yet. But now I think she's on to something.


brooke said...

No more prayers about Ross and the fan? Sawyer insists on praying every night too. Sometimes I wonder if he should hear me pray, but then I figure I should let him do it for as long as he wants to.

Mary Kay said...

I really, truly love it. Power of positive thinking. She's blessed to have such an optimistic outlook, and to not be plagued by worry. It's inspiring! :)