Saturday, April 17, 2010

Shots at 4 and a half are NOT fun.

But apparently the eye exam is worse. We had Sophia's kindergarten check up yesterday... first trip to the doctor for her in... a while. I guess we never went for her 3 or 4 year old check up. It's one of those things I'm really bad at. It's like I'm still a kid. If the doctor doesn't call me and tell me I'm supposed to come in, I assume we're fine. Well apparently they stop calling after a year or so.

I guess you're supposed to have it down by then and they stop holding your hand. What?

We were all prepped for the shots and while she wasn't thrilled about it, she knew it was going to win her a "BIG lolli-pop, like the kind from Disneyland", and she said she would be brave.

On the way in she told said, "but I might be shy with the doctor"....

No biggie--- you don't have to talk to him if you don't want. He's not that friendly anyway.

But it starts with the eye exam where I'm supposed to cover one eye and she's supposed to say what she sees on the chart. PURE panic. My outgoing, vivacious little girl becomes PAINFULLY shy and her bottom lip is quivering in fear. She won't do it. All she wants to do is nestle her little four and a half year-old face as far as she can into my neck and away from this place. The nurse is kind of grumpy and abrupt and it's not helping. Now they think she's blind. And I'm in a panic because this is the LAST day to get the appt. in before the first day of registration and I don't want to end up with afternoon kinder.

Then she has to get THREE shots instead of one, because her mom forgot that having a family means you're supposed to grow up and go to the doctor when you're supposed to and not when your mom says you have to. And the doctor had to play catch up.

Then Albertsons only sold little boring tootsie pops. Not BIG disneyland lollipops.

All in all, it was WAY rougher than I expected.... but we made it through. And after seeing herself on the camera making the first funny face on accident... she forgot about all of it and remembered how cool it is to stretch your face.

Happy Saturday.


moliver said...

Those doctor appointments can be so tough. It's good to get that stuff over with, isn't it? I love the mommy-daughter pictures.

Brandon or Michelle said...

sweet little lady. can you imagine if we had to keep getting shots every year? we definitely get less brave as we grow.

sigh. I had forgotten that sophia and zane will be in the same grade. arranged marriage. done.

S.A.S. said...

Oh this breaks my heart - picturing her little chin quivering at the strange eye exam that would seem really scary as a 4 year old. Bless kids for forgiving us every time we take them to the Dr. Love the pics of you two cuddling... give her a kiss from Aunt Sarah!