Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Out of my "Inspiration" folder

1. I think that's a little like what my heaven will look like. It's so peaceful and feminine and happy and light. I want the rug-- but I'm pretty sure I'd have to sell one of my kids for it. Rugs are EX.... pensive aren't they?

2. This was my favorite nursery... until I saw number 4. I was THIS close to painting my crib yellow. (if you could see how close my fingers are as I say that, you would know that I wasn't that close, it takes me a LONG time to get a project done. I'm not that ambitious. All of those rungs? (is that the right word??) Maybe for the next babe.

3. One of the many images I saved that made me want my zebra ottoman... makes me think I might want to use it in my living room instead. A bit nicer than my 89 dollar Walmart one. Unfortunately I can tell.

4. Uhhh.... makes me want a baby NOW. This would be my heaven if I slept in a crib.

5. I have a tall black mirror that I'm not loving lately.... I thought it was foolish to think I could paint it white-- since it's too simple a solution and I do it too often.... until I saw this photo. Mine doesn't have that lovely detail. But still.... I'm THIS close. ;)

6. Also in my heaven, (at least this month) everything upholstered would have tufts. I love tufts. I could eat them. So much texture and pattern and yet none at all....?? Did that make sense?

I wish I was organized enough to remember where I stole these images from. Sorry design bloggers--- but I check you often, if it's any consolation. Thank you for your eye candy-- and for giving me an insatiable desire to decorate my house. My husband thanks you too. Not.

Yup, I still say NOT. And Sike.


JCW said...

I love all these, but I'm especially in love with the mural in #4. Have you ever visited alicelanehome.com? It's my new obsession. Here is related blog link with some more eye candy although your style might be more contemporary. Still fun to look : )http://liveatwillowcreek.com/alicelaneblog/

Lindsay Griffeth said...

OH, I love ALL of these. My mom was over yesterday and we talked and talked about what to do with my house. Can you at least tell us all of the design blogs you check regularly? :)

Megan Daly said...

Nice. I totally have 2,3,and 5 in my design inspiration folders. :)

Love all the light and bright colors together.

Mollie said...

You have to watch a new show on Bravo called 9 by Design... 7 kids and two talented designer parents! I WANT TO LIVE with them!

Aunt Lisa said...

haha Lillie you crack me up! I love reading your blog and looking at all your beautiful pics!! love you