Tuesday, April 20, 2010

An update on my dad

This is obviously an old, healthy picture of my dad-- before this whole mess started.)

I've been feeling pretty good--- like once he had that scary emergency surgery... things were looking up. He seemed to be a little better each day. Maybe a very LITTLE--- but better nonetheless. He was moved out of the ICU several days ago and into a normal hospital room which was very exciting news. He still needed daily dialysis and some other assistance, but the tube was out of his throat and he was a little more cognoscente each day. He had a hard time talking since his throat and mouth were so worked from a month of being intubated, but I got to talk to him on the phone once and at least tell him how much I love him. Then I got a message from him the other day with a groggy "I love you so much". I've been SO looking forward to heading out there this weekend with Melisa to see him--- and feeling confident that he'd be pretty aware during his waking hours.

And then last night I got this email from Mary Beth:

"Hello friends and family,

I am asking for some special prayers for Randy tonight. He is struggling, I can see the difference the last
two days...He is becoming very confused and is having difficulty understanding where he is and what is happening to him.

His weakened condition is wearing on him.........It is when the patient has been in the hospital
for long period of time and they have had a tremendous amount of pain to contend with, and lack of sleep and true

I am normally very optimistic, but I am concerned. The nurses and doctors are saying that it could be a bacteria
that is in the blood stream affecting his brain function. They did blood tests today and they will have more answers

The one good thing they did late last night to help his anemia and weakness, was a blood transfusion. I was told
that should have improved his energy level......

I will report to you as soon as I learn more tomorrow...

Lillie and Melissa will be coming this weekend and I think that will have a positive effect on his emotional

I don't have everyone email so please pass this message on.

Thank you, we love you all,

Mary Beth"

So this is a little scary. Every time things start looking better, the blow is extra hard when he takes a few steps back. And thinking that his brain could be affected to any degree is really really scary. I don't feel prepared anymore.

I know this blog is a place my extended family checks in from time to time... so I thought I'd pass it on right here. Last night I was painfully reminded that we are certainly not out of the woods yet and he can use all of the prayers he can get.

I was also thinking that if he gets past this, and he is aware and alert when I'm there, I'd really love to bring something for him that he can look at or I can read to him or something.... SO--- for all of you friends and family who know or knew him in the past, if you'd like to give him just a few words of encouragement or just a "hello--- get better!", anything like that, please leave a comment here below, or send me an email at lillie_biesinger at yahoo dot com and I'll be compiling them all before I take off on Friday.

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. I turn 29 next month, I'm not ready for my parents to get sick like this. It's way too soon. And it's scary stuff. Puts a lot of things into perspective.


Lisa said...

Hey Lillie, I am so so sorry to hear about your Daddy! :( Please tell him I am thinking about him and keeping him in my prayers for a quick and painless recovery.
Love you so much!!
Aunt Lisa

TnD said...

Lillie, I am so glad you are going to be with him. I think your Mary Beth is right, you are just what he needs.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Oh, Lillie. I am thinking of you and your family. Enjoy your visit with him.

aapuzzanchera said...

I hope he is ok. Please keep us posted. We will be thinking of you and your family!

Francis said...

thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Sarie said...

Your poor family. I wish you dad lots of strength! (and you too).

Alysa@atticgals.blogspot.com said...

Such a scary time, Lillie. I'm sorry. I think both Mary Beth and your dad need you. I'm glad you are going again. Do you need me to help with anything while you're gone? My prayers are with you. Love ya lady.