Friday, January 02, 2009

What did you do?

Christmas morning.... we did some presents.
She got her lollipop. And it really did beat out every other gift. My little treat-lover.

My little snuggler. Loving her new teddy bear from her cousins...

We did the celebration with the fam on Christmas eve.

Daddies and kids did a little fishing with Papa.

We did a whole bunch of general cousin-ENJOYMENT.

We did our yearly trip to the Hotel Del Coronado... I love that place. Ross and I stayed there after our wedding... what a magical place. They do a big extravagant Christmas tree worth seeing each year. Plus Nana and Papa buy all sorts of chocolates and toys for the kids to validate our parking... Thankyou Mom and Kirk!

Sophia got, but ANOTHER lollipop from her Papa. She did her best version of the camera smile for me. Just wait. You'll see more of that smile in a later post... it can get pretty funny.

This is a more likely camera face when a lolli is not involved.

My sweet sister. I'll be in mourning next week when she leaves-- just forewarning if my posts seem to have a negative feel.

That's all for now. We're playing scrabble and I need my focus to beat Joe (ahem... Lowdogg as you know him) wish me luck.


Missy said...

I hope you won Scrabble Lillie. That game can be fierce sometimes.

Looks like you enjoyed the holiday so much! Love that snuggler Mila. She is just so squeezable.

Tell Lacy hi for me too! When are you coming out here next?!

Brandon or Michelle said...

lovely, all of it. :) glad you're having such happy times...

Lindsay Griffeth said...

How FUN. I love being with family and it looks like you guys had a great time! You're looking fabulous, by the way! I love your hair cut . . .

Sarie said...

Gorgeous photos, Lill. And I love your blue jacket. Yes, please.

ps. Scrabble is my favorite.