Wednesday, January 07, 2009

ParTAY at ma- HOUSE!

So this was the "party with dad for the holidays" party we had after New Years. Everyone came out from SD on Friday and hung at our house for the day over burgers and a very important announcement..... These two are getting married!!! This is my dad making the announcement:

These are some reactions to it:
Kim was all smiles.
Byron-- SHOCKED. ;)

Cannon couldn't even contain himself.

Melisa? So pleasantly surprised. And perhaps already dreaming about the trip to Sanoma for the wedding-- she's had to watch her wine intake with the new baby. Do you see that distant dream in her eye?

Lacy (she found out when I did, over our new years eve dinner, so this is her reenactment of shock). I know I know she looks a bit scared. But rest assured, she's SO excited. Mostly for my dad and Mary-Beth, but also at the prospect of coming out again so soon. June is the plan.

Here's almost everyone that was there, except for my family. Me: holding the camera, Ross: golfing with a prospect (boooooh jk Ross, I get it), Mila: napping, Sophia: apparently from the next picture which happened moments after this was snapped, she was on the potty- after which she has a hard time pulling these jeans back up.

Everyone got a pretty good kick out of this. I wish I had thought to turn the camera around on the reaction.

Back to reality now and just fighting some gnarly sinus infection, dealing with grumpy sick kids... and Ross' busy late-night work schedule, ... missing these family-filled days.


Shea said...

Lillie what great family pics! I want to come over and see your backyard. We are getting cement on sat. FINALLY and jeff said he really liked yours.

Rebecca Smylie said...

So fun to have everyone at your house. Since you're in the younger part of the family, didn't it make you feel great? Ithink the day my family congregates at my place I'll finally feel like I've made it. You probably don't have these lame hang-ups.

Christin said...

I love the pic of Sophie in her skivies. Luke would live in his underoos all day long if I'd let him. He's a riot.