Saturday, January 03, 2009


One of our San Diego outings was to Cabrillo Monument, one of Lacy's favorites. She's always loved the historical and touristy spots in San Diego... now that I have kids and am looking for family activities... I'm learning to. :) I will admit, I was once the bored teenager in the back of the group. Those days are over! With Ross, the explorer at my side, it's like I'm rediscovering the city I grew up in. Such a shame how we take things for granted.


Lindsay Griffeth said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL there!

Christin said...

I miss San Diego SOOOOOO MUCH. We are going next summer!! YAY!

You guys have been to so many fun places. I'm jealous.


kkmom said...

I am soo that way too! As we bring our children to discover what many wonderful things we have in San Diego and how spoiled we are... that I never had an interst in or even cared expolring.

Kodi said...

Hope you're planning on framing some of those. . . like the staircase?! Gorgeous.