Thursday, January 08, 2009

New Years Eve--- again

I know I'm posting like a madwoman, but I just want to get it all down and documented so I can blog whatever I want. I got Joe to send me these pictures from their camera... so I'm tacking 'em on. Here's the group: Taylor, Brooke, Paul Nobman, Ross and me, Joe and Lacy, Mimi and my Dad, and Paul's Susie. Put a group like this together and you get a wonderful smorgasbord of a conversation about ortho, politics, the economy, the church, near beer and babies. Good company.

This was the first time we heard the WONDERFUL news of their engagement.

Ross and his seesta, Brooke.


Brandon or Michelle said...

Such handsome couples, all around.

I hope this bit of family happiness brought MOUNDS of buoying up for you and the new year. what fun!

now, when are you coming to florida? :)

Brooke said...

ohhh what a perfect night! I seriously cannot remember the last time I had sooo much fun. Love, love, love the pic with me and Ross...I need a copy of that one. I love seeing all these pics but then thinking.. oh wait, I don't have to feel sad because we can see them again whenever we want! yeah! love you guys!

Lizzie said...

I am loving all the posting. I am so happy for Marybeth and your Dad.