Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm in love.

They call it Yogurt Island. There's like a dozen flavors of yogurt and like a million toppings. You can put as much or as LITTLE of as MANY goodies as you like on as many flavors of yogurt as you like and when you get to the front to weigh it--- it's like 3 dollars! You don't have to share with your kids to keep them from getting a ton, you can just make them a mini serving in the gargantuan cup they give you. It's all part of the fun. You can go tart, or normal, fruity or candy-y, or brownie-y, or ... what the heck, waffle-y. I don't know what you do with a real waffle but they have 'em. They have everything you could think of. And believe me. When it comes to my ice cream, I think of everything.

Here's a normal night at home BEFORE yogurt-island:

Ross: "Are you still making your ice cream? What are you putting in it tonight?"

Lillie: "Still working on it, but so far, milk, honey bunches of oats, hot fudge, a little smear of peanut butter, banana, ..... but it needs something else..."

and then I hear that cell phone commercial where the italian guy is like "these are the Caloreos-- my family--- " (or something like that)

and upon hearing "Caloreos" I think AHA!

"and some of those left over oreos from your birthday cake! Perfect."

So when we ventured to the new "u-create" yogurt joint the other night without me knowing what was in store, I could have never guessed I'd find such a large chunk of heaven right here in the desert. It's like it was made for me. It's 10:45 am.... do you think it's too early in the day..... never mind.
P.S. (for Lisa) it's next to Rubios in La Quinta, and it's 39 cents/oz no matter WHAT you get.


The rlmmmmcaress family said...


Becky said...

totally love those place except for the fact that mine haas never only been $3.00. that's like on bites worth. give me a break lillie, i know you can do more damage than that. i like jujuberry and it's like ten dollars every time i go, no joke. i was hoping it was just b/c the price per ounce was more, but it's not, it's actually less, 37/ounce. i think i figured it out once. i get like almost a lb. of yogurt, no problem. those places are dangerous for me. i love the freedom, but hate the control factor. oh, and no, 10:45 is never too early for yogurt. it's just like eating a yoplait, just frozen, with candy and fudge on top. same diff, right??

brooke said...

I got your message. I have been thinking about that place for months since I saw the coming soon sign. I tell Tyson we need to go, but we've still never made it. I will this weekend forsure!

Lowdogg said...

This was funny.

Courtney said...

Such a great place by Ross's work too, called Mango Tango, they even have mochi, a very coveted item ever since I tried it (frequent buyers card too, cool for us yogert freaks-if that's what you call us). Also (and yes, I have most of them on the west side of the desert scoped out) a yummy place called Yogert on Tap in Palm Springs, corner of Tahquitz & Indian Canyon. Maybe we should meet at one some day with the kids....I take my treats very seriously.

Lindsay Griffeth said...

We have a place like that called U-Swirl. It's fabulous. But yours sounds like they have MUCH better toppings.

And no. 10:45 is not too early for icecream.

Alysa said...

Yummy! We must go. Please add this to our as we are trying to add more and more items like this to share. Thanks for at least sharing it here. I'm hungry!

Ferrel Family said...

So being the venture capitalist that I am - I decided to look it up to see if they are open to franchising on the East Coast.

Guess what result #5 is on Google when I search for "Yogurt Island U Create"?

Lillie's blog. You are a maven. I couldn't even find a web site.