Monday, July 11, 2011

Tummies, teeth, and poop

I don't know when Sophia got SO much taller than Mila. Have they always been so different in height? I can't remember now. I think she just had a growth spurt--- it feels like people are constantly commenting on her height.

And how can I not mention those tummies? Oh, if only it looked so cute on a grown-up.

And this guy-- oh goodness, I hope this is a very temporary phase-- these last few days have been.... different.

I think he's teething, and I think that it's the teething that's causing him to poop only once every 9 or 10 days. My pediatrician has said in the past that "that can be perfectly normal for breast-fed babies." I wonder how HE'D feel if he went 10 days. Finn is not a happy camper. The last two nights have been rocky--- and I'm wanting my sleepy, content, little beefcake back.

Having said all of that, he woke up from this last nap happy and rested, then passed a bunch of *gas and at this moment, is a little giggly dream. Maybe the worst is behind me? No- I know better. But I'm enjoying the present.

Last thing pouring out of my streaming thoughts--- we saw Larry Crowne last weekend.

Um- what?

I guess I should have watched a preview. I had way too much faith in the cast--- I really like Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts so it seemed like a sure winner on that alone. Had I known it was a long episode of Community withOUT it's ONLY redeeming quality, I would have thought twice.

I did however get to see some really good previews before the movie including the one for The Help-- And I cannot WAIT to see that story come to life. If you haven't already read it, hurry up and read it. It won't disappoint.

Just in case you needed an opinion or two.

*excuse me, if poop or gas is an inappropriate topic in your home--- obviously it's very common in ours. :)


Shay said...

Well my motto is "everyone poops," so we're all good. Poor lil guy.

Ashley said...

My Boys' peds Dr said it's cause their digestive system changes so it takes em a while to adjust. anywho. . . those tummies are darling!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Ryan did a 10 day no-poop stretch and it was awful! Poor little Finn.

And yes, Sophia all of a sudden does look REALLY tall. What darling girls you have.

haili hunter said...

I don't know you but I saw your blog on a friend of mine. My son used to go that long without pooping. He's 7 months now, technically 4 months (he was 3 months early.) Anyways, we just started feeding him baby food (he hated the rice cereal) and since then he has pooped AT LEAST once a day, sometimes more. He's so much happier!! ha ha.

Anways, maybe that helps... :)

Coveralia said...

I want to say that Sophia has awesome swimsuit! Great design indeed :)

Anonymous said...

My daughter went through that. She was completely breastfed, and the dr. called it "Total absorption". It just means that she was absorbing every last bit of milk and using it for energy. It's a GOOD thing. He probably is not constipated. You are just giving him really great milk!!

Lowdogg said...

That's why you have to read the reviews. It will save you from the Larry Crownes and Percy Jacksons of this world.

Betsy said...

Lillie, I came across your blog randomly and read this post and I want you to know my 6 month old went through this EXACT same poop/teething issue last week and it is all better I really think it's just a developmental thing that happens at this time! :)