Friday, July 29, 2011

Excuse me while I take up 2 weeks of blogging with vacation catch-up

MY beautiful nephew, baby Isaac.
After Newport... we dragged Lacy and Joe and kids back to our house for a few days of fun. Above, we did the usual hotel-pool-borrowing. And the iphone documentation.

They actually slept like this. For part of the night at least. Before Millie melted down past bed time and ended up in one of the beds, and then Sophia came to us in the middle of the night complaining about Joseph's feet being in her face and ended up in the other one. But it was just too cute to me, we got the air mattress ready on the girls' floor.... and of course it looked WAY too fun for just Millie and Joseph. They were all so excited to sleep together on it. ...

Or I thought they were 'till I looked at this photo again... maybe it was just my kids crowding yours, Lace? Look at their faces. "uhh... what are they doing in our bed?" Either way, it felt so good that they were old enough to pile into a room like cousins should.

Below: On a day-trip up to Idyllwild. Most of the pictures are in the Red Kettle where we ate lunch because... we didn't do much more. Turns out not much was open after that. Slow season I guess? And it was still pretty hot up the mountain, so the kids wore out fast. So maybe we did drive an hour plus for burgers and shaved ice. Note, it's more fun to go to Idyllwild during the winter. Thank goodness for really great company. And thank goodness kids don't care if they get to pick a toy from the charming little vintage toy shop in an old town, or Walgreens by our house.

Both of my girls are really into posing for the camera right now. Have you noticed? I'm really thinking I should be taking advantage of it. I've had big plans for a real "shoot" with them some day. And I just know that by the time I get around to it, they'll both hate the camera again. Just wait.

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Rachelle said...

So, I've been blog stalking you for the past few days...needing my happy fix from you and like always, you never disappoint. Such cute pictures and fun memories. You motivate me to get my camera out and start documenting life more.
Btw, 5 days and counting...I can't wait!!!
Love you