Saturday, July 09, 2011

The 4th of July- seen through the iphone... and the shake it app, of course

Ok well we spent our actual 4th back here in the desert for the first time... ever I think? But we started the weekend in San Diego with my family for some fun on Friday.

My brother, Byron got some new wave-runners so we met on the bay-side at ski beach, in Mission Beach-- which means we had super easy parking, grass, picnic tables, the shade of a huge tree, bathrooms close by, and calm waters for all the kids to swim... ideal.

I can never get over what it feels like to get in the car at like 11 am here in 114 degree weather... and then out of the car in San Diego, near the water. I fill my lungs as fast as I can with the deepest breath I can muster. Like maybe if I get enough of that fresh, 70-something, salty air in me, it'll heal whatever damage MUST be happening to me from the insane climate I live in. Seriously. We are so nuts for living where we live.... and there are few things that feel better to me than a gorgeous, crisp San Diego day.

The girls got to play with their cousins, swim, get dragged around on tubes, and Sophia had the TIME OF HER LIFE, on the back of the wave-runner. Ross couldn't get over how thrilled she was, yelling in his ear the whole time, "THIIIIIIS IIIIIIS SOOOOOO MUUUUUUUCH FUUUUUN! GO FAAAAAAASTER!!!!" She couldn't wipe the grin off of her face afterwards. And I got to sit in a beach chair and hold my sleeping baby--- A surprisingly rare and dreamy situation for me. Ahhh summer....

Record 4th of July: check.


Shay said...

Those photos are so sweet!

moliver said...

I love it! I can totally relate to the cleansing breaths as you step out of the car! Whenever we'd drive back to SD and get out of the car as my kids would get out I'd tell them to take deep breaths, "Breathe in the fresh air kids!" It's like you have to get out all the dirt that's stuck to your lungs in the desert. It's so nice to be back in SD. I appreciate it so much more than I did growing up!