Thursday, July 07, 2011

A girl can dream

We've been busy. Swimming, staying up late, sleeping in (which means I stay in bed and feed Finn, then put him back down for nap 1, while Ross leaves for cross-fit, then work, and my girls run wild around the house or watch a movie on the new ipad. Ok so I'm not winning any mommy-awards this summer... but we ARE enjoying ourselves.)

Anyway-- the pool above is NOT the one we've been swimming at, but it's so lovely I had to post it. But again, I don't know where I saved it from, so let me know if it's yours and I'll tell the world! I wonder if that patio furniture would look as good next to our dead bougainvillea and blow-up pool slash water slide....

Anyone watching Million Dollar Decorators? I love it-- even though it's absurd how much money people spend--- I like to dream that I'm going to win a beach house decorated by-- can't remember his name, cute gay guy with the blonde boyfriend--- not the British one that says "dahhh-ling" and "delicious" in a super breathy voice all the time. Don't know how much I could take of that.

Ahhh-- tomorrow's Friday. Always so excited for Ross to be home for a couple of days...

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