Sunday, July 24, 2011

El Capitan

There's too much to blog about, but if I wait to start unloading pictures, I'll never get around to it... so I'm just going to start unloading thoughts.

We just got back tonight from our family "camp out" at El Capitan Canyon, near Santa Barbara. My family, Lacy's family, and Mel's family had cabins near each other, and Ian's family stayed right next door where they could park their camper, with Byron and his boys. All of my siblings, but Ryon, were there. My mom and Kirk stayed at a nearby Hotel where they could escape their nana/papa duties here and there :), and enjoy a good deal. This was not cheap camping. :) But it was FUN camping.

That is, until I got strep throat. Strep throat is my life's worst enemy. I seem to get it every couple of years, and I think it's one of the most painful things I've endured. I haven't experienced labor, but I do think it's worse than my c-section recovery. Or maybe equal to. The only thing on it's side, is that it's relatively short-lived once you get moving on the antibiotics. But it was SO depressing to get hit with it on day-2 of El Cap. I felt like a kid missing the party. Sleeping in my cabin while my family picnicked outside, talking and laughing. Woe was me. Big time.

I'm hoping the worst is behind me. I spent yesterday morning in the Urgent Care and started my antibiotics--- last night was horrible, the morning was rough. But once we made it home this afternoon, Ross let me sleep and sleep and when I came down at 7, I felt a bit more human, a bit less like a mangey animal with golf-balls in her throat. Now I'm just crossing my fingers that none of the kids or Ross get it.

Besides that (PHEW!) we got to this place on Thursday night and it just took my breath away. Maybe it's because we're coming from the summer in the desert where we can't enjoy the outdoors unless we're under water. But it just felt like quintessential camping weather to me; cool, and crisp. Tons of mature, beautiful, INTERESTING trees. We had this cute cabin with a queen bed for me and Ross, and a loft for the girls, which they LOVED. Our porch faced a nice big grassy stretch for the kids to run and explore and try to climb trees while we barbecued and visited into the night. We were right across the highway from the beach-- so it was like the best of both worlds... feeling like you're in the terrain of the mountains, with the salty, ocean air a couple of miles away. I'm longing for it as I type it out...

If you're looking for a place to do a family reunion--- this was such a fun way to do it. But it's fancy camping-- they come clean your cabin each day, change your sheets, new towels etc... so it's not quite as cheap as the throw-your-tent-in-your-car-camping. But I think I'll confess that this was my kind of camping. :)

OK-- now when I get around to it, I can just unload a ton of pictures... coming soon...

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Lindsay Griffeth said...

that sounds PERFECT. That's my idea of camping, too. :)

Can't wait for pictures.