Thursday, July 14, 2011

Today was a good day

If you happened to read this post about Finn's little back-up. You can rest easy-- as are we. I really appreciated some of the comments I got there. Someone mentioned that solids might help, so I started feeding him some food-- although I think most of it came back out and down his chin repeatedly. Still working on that. And I really thought that total-absorption thing made sense to me... (that it's possible his body is just absorbing and using all of his nutrients so there wouldn't be any waste -- made sense to me with nursing) especially since I seriously feel like he doesn't eat much--- he nurses 4 times a day, SOMETIMES five-- like 2 or 3 minutes per side. And he looks like this:

But I still got nervous and called my doctor yesterday and his PA was there (and she is much younger and much more eager and involved and so... maybe more dramatic?-- or just doing her job?) I don't know but she freaked me out. "The colon can only stretch so far before it bursts, you need to give him 4-6 ounces (!!!) of prune juice and if he doesn't go in the next two days, bring him here, or go straight to the ER."


I was kind of anxious and sad if he had a tummy ache but I didn't think we had ourselves a real situation!

Maybe we did--- maybe we didn't- but after the 4th night in a row of waking up with him (which he hadn't done since his seventh week), I fed him last night, and then gave him two ounces of prune juice (which he downed-- shocked me. I thought for sure he'd cringe and wiggle.)

And today-- AHEM--- he pooped.



Ms. 20-Something Career Gal said...

Clearly, it's the little things in life. :-) Love you blog!

Kyle and Amanda said...

Hi, you don't me but I like to look at your blog. I think that it is very refreshing and you have an adorable family. Anyway, when my daughter was Finn's age she went though the same kind of thing. Our doctor told us that she should not go for more than a week without pooping. And when that did happen, her body was absorbing all of the nutrients she was getting- hence the lack of poop. He also said that when this happened there was a very good chance that she was going through a growth spurt, which is why she was absorbing so much. Anyway kindof what you have already heard but I hope it is helpful! Oh, and the prune baby food really helped her.


Allison said...


Our little guy got pretty stopped up just after we started him on solids, but we've now worked out a good balance between prunes, pears and peaches to keep him sorted out.

haili hunter said...

I couldn't stand the thought of giving our little guy prune juice, ha ha, to me it just sounded cruel; although like you, it was suggested. We gave him grape juice, which he loved, but it didn't work. So we tried the baby food (started with bananas) and suprisingly he kept it in and swallowed way good, he loved it. As I said he started pooping regularly. Then we didn't give it to him for like 5 days because he was getting a rash around his mouth so we thought he might be allergic to one of the fruits. He didn't poop at all those five days. So we've startd giving it to him again and he's pooping again. :) Yay for poop right? ha ha.

Isn't it funny once your a parent its OK to write numerous blog posts, or have complete conversations with others about poop? I always find this hilarious. Instead of keeping up on the latest fashions, gossip etc we know the name brands of diapers and how often a baby should poop, and we start wondering why its so cute on babies to have chubby rolls and big tummies, but it's not very appealing on adults. Gotta love it!! :)

Rachelle said...

he's soooo beautiful Lillie!

Brandon or Michelle said...

sigh. did you know you take beautiful pictures? you take BEAUTIFUL PICTURES. keep up with the poop stories, especially if it means more glimpses of your beauties.

Jessica said...

Our little Luke is only 4 1/2 months old but eating baby food to keep up with his 18 pound appetite....when I took him in for his 4 month check up the doctor put him on a stick 4 ounce apple/prune juice daily intake regimen since he is also having a hard time pooping....mostly they are just WAY too firm for a 4 month old....I feel your pain and hope your little man keeps it flowing.

Fried Pink Tomato said...
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TnD said...

K used to go three weeks between BMs. Her doc said she was a "very effecient eater".