Monday, July 04, 2011

Happy 4th

(More from this shoot over on my photo blog.)

Tonight, I was putting Sophia to bed and she asked:

"How many people are there in the world, mom?"
"About 6 billion.?" is this right? Sometimes I wonder how much wrong information I give my kids.
"Can you count to a billion?" I think she means, "you" in general, and I say
"me neither, but I know a short cut: 1,2,3,4,5,6 billion!"

Any time I go to write this stuff down, it doesn't sound nearly as cool as it did in person. Maybe it's the tone, or the body language, or the dramatic expressions. But sometimes I just wish our whole life was recorded. And that later, when I find all of that extra time, I could just sit around and listen to CD's filled with words from my children, and save my favorite moments and random cute thoughts at each age. I'm in a constant marvel.

Oh and happy 4th.


Rachelle said...

I'm sorry, but I just have to say that if I recorded all the things my kids said to me...someone would be calling c.p.s out of concern for what they're hearing at home!!! I am glad that your sweet Sophia isn't quite as sassy as her "loser mom" slinging buddy William!

Rachelle said...

I hope that didn't seem sassy! I had just gotten home from a very long drive with my, not so happy, children whining at me the whole way!
There are plenty of moments that I wish I could record...but, unlike you, I am too lazy to record them.

moliver said...

I got a digital voice recorder from my kids on year for my birthday with the idea that I would carry it with me in my purse or whatever and have it on hand for those cute moments. Although I have captured some cute things, the ones you really want to remember just sneak up on you. Yes, it would be awesome if we had a constant recording going on for those cute memories we want to hang on to.