Monday, July 25, 2011

I lied, I'm starting at the beginning... which was Newport

Lacy and Joe came out (all the way form Florida, which is why my world revolves around it when they're coming) a week before the big camp out. And we started off meeting in Newport to play with Mike and Mel.

We had adjoining rooms! This made the biggest difference. Even if it did inspire us to eat a huge Cafe Rio Pork salads and peanut m&m's at 10:30 at night after the kids were tucked in their beds.

Thankgoodness for the whole i-world. I am so grateful for the few extra minutes of sleep. And NEVER having to surf the creepy hotel channels.

We stayed in a comfortable Marriott with a bedroom and living room-- which of course we've realized, makes traveling SO much more doable. We spent one afternoon at Mel's house, and the next day at this little Ocean Center in Newport where we met Nana and Papa--- and then did lunch-- kissed them goodbye-- and hit the beach. One of the best afternoons at the beach ever. Too bad I have no pictures from that. Just imagine the best afternoon at the beach ever. And imagine me at my goal weight. I mean, while you're at it.

Oh wait--- the iphone pics from Ross! maybe there are a few from the beach... too hard to reorganize:

OK, one from the beach-- in their hotel towels (shhh)

The end. For now.

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Rebecca Smylie said...

"I mean, while you're at it." Lillie, you are a gifted woman.