Thursday, September 02, 2010


The first day came and went. I thought I'd document every moment of the morning... that I'd make it so special and that I'd FEEL the weight of this new milestone in her life. That we both would. I thought there'd be lots of tears.

But honestly? :/

Last week was so crazy getting ready for her party and preparing a talk I had to give on Sunday, that Sunday night came and I thought.... ahhh man.... I think she's supposed to have new clothes! I scoured her closet for something she might think was sort of new (which really just meant it was something I don't love and don't usually put her in.. defeating the purpose I guess). Luckily her backpack arrived in the mail Saturday- in the knick of time, and her converse from like two years ago still fit, since close-toe shoes are NOT something we invest in often.

We did have a special daddy-prayer. And I think she liked that more than she would have noticed new shoes.

I pulled myself out of bed as early as I THOUGHT I needed to, but we still ended up racing through sandwich-making and scarfing down a bowl of cereal (which isn't usually our breakfast of choice, so not only did I not go special, I went BELOW average.... :( )... we were, per usual, running late.

Another failed mommy-stone. (mommy milestone-- -get it?)

But we raced out the door, found street parking for one of our cars but not both, so Ross stayed with his car while the three of us girls bolted for class. She rolled her backpack (because she loves that feature) but then flung it up and on to her back when she felt slowed down by it in our scurry.

And then we got there, we signed her in.... Ross showed up in time to kiss her goodbye. We hung up her backpack and she bolted for class where they were already sitting and singing while the teacher played "Wheels on the Bus" on her guitar---

"WAIT!"--- I had to ask for my kiss goodbye, which she ran back to oblige, then quickly took off to find a seat. She wedged herself in the middle of the group but then saw Kate in front, and got up and squeezed herself into the front row. And started singing. I got a couple of pictures. Barely.

She used to say she was shy. She is not shy.

She doesn't know all of her letters, she isn't always interested in practicing them with me, and she's a little young, since she turns 5 TODAY. But she LOVES people, and activities, and a busy schedule. She loves making those around her happy and pleasing her teachers and helping kids who seem sad. She loves to do the right thing. She loves to defend ANYONE who needs defending. She is quick to apologize when she's done something wrong. Socially and emotionally, I think she's beyond ready. But I know I'm her momma.

It doesn't occur to her to be apprehensive, or anything BUT excited about it. The hours are a lot like preschool... 8:30-12:15 instead of 9-12 like last year.... she still has Kate in her class which means we have our same great carpool set up, and she's a lot closer to home. So while the teeniest part of me wanted her to miss me and cling to me and LONG for me. I know the adjustment is little or nonexistent. And she is happy as pie. Right where she should be.

And Mila and I have time to get out of the house at our speed in the morning, do the gym, and an errand or two, and then pick the girls up for an afternoon of play.

1st grade, all day long, with all of those big kids around.... now THAT is already making me nervous for next year. But for now, we are both happy as pie.

And ok I cried a little... but I'm pregnant, it's like breathing right now.

(A few of the morning)
It's ironic to me that she looks like a baby to me in this picture... looking on at her new kindergarten class.
Her first seat...
Then after creeping forward...

(This was taken on day two--- a much smoother morning.... thank goodness for a morning-carpool buddy... )


Sarie said...

Gorgeous, adorable, etc.

I love your descriptions--- something that "should" be special "isn't". But I think it still is! Since even if it's special the first day and we get up early and all that, everything's thrown out the window on the second or third day when we're all scrambling not to be late and yelling at the girls to scarf down their granola bar!


S.A.S. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SOPHIA!!! It's sad how behind I am on the real bday wishes - seriously, always weeks and months these days. But give her a kiss from Auntie Sarah, and tell her that a card will arrive one day.

I can NOT believe she's a kindergartener! NO WAY. For the last 4 years a photo of you/Sophia/Missy/Avery/me has graced my desk. I think Sophia's just over one year. ONE year. That's how I think of her - and now she's this gorgeous little thing with Converse and ruffled skirts and dimples. How do you deal with the delight/heartbreak?

Happy Kindergarten. Love it.

Shea said...

Hi Lillie, cute pictures. I'm happy that Sophia got Mrs. Cathcart. Kylee had her. She's was wonderful! I was hopeing that if we stuck around Lorelei would get her too:( I hope your doing well.

Brandon or Michelle said...

it's settled. my z and your s, senior prom, 12 years from now. deal?

Tara said...

Allie had Mrs. Cathcart too! We LOVED her!!! She's wonderful. Kids from 4th and 5th grade would drop by all the time JUST to hug her, and then run off. To me, THAT is demonstration of an awesome teacher...years later and they stil just want a quick hug from her.
I wish we could have her every year. Hope Sophia loves her class.

Missy said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia AND Kindergarten! That is so so exciting. How fun for her..and YOU. I love, love the shot of her sitting in the classroom listening to her teacher (who plays the guitar??)

(I wish I knew how to get deals at Zion, we planned it just a few weeks before so really didn't look around for deals, oops)