Friday, September 03, 2010

Dreaming up baby rooms...

I've never REALLY done a nursery that I love. Sophia's was just so long ago, my tastes changed so quickly, and then Mila was born right before a move, so we didn't do much and she shared the guest room. Then there was just too much new house, too little money--- I was sworn to frugality. So we went super basic in this house too. I REALLY want to do something super cute for "the boy."

If only my taste didn't change so fast and I'd bought a crib I LOVED the first time around! Sophia's crib was dark, and I really wanted white for Mila, so I bought her that cheap ikea crib... which I've been thinking I would reuse. Until I thought about it for two seconds one day and realized it's totally curvy and feminine. Shoot. So I'll need aNOTHER crib!?

And as much as I'd love this crib, or something like it..... I'll probably be getting this crib. Since it's like 99 bucks. It seems SO silly to buy two cheap ikea cribs two babies in a row..... any suggestions? I can't get away with those curves for a boy can I? Am I already pushing it with all of the peaceful tones?

Are you into this stuff? If so, here's some links.

-The place on etsy where you can pay someone who KNOWS how to sew, to make one for you.
- basket-- but they have a cute one at Target right now for 39 that would get the job done.
- pouf (the one thing I LOVE but might not be able to justify, since it's NOT cheap. But there are some cheaper options like this one, or this one, or this one.)
- bamboo shade-- I know they have ones I like at Target.

Oh and my painted on "knobs" on the dresser are because I got these cute bamboo-colored drawer knobs on sale at anthropologie. Did I mention one just opened here in the desert?!


Anonymous said...

Get this crib!
It's the one Young House Love picked and here's their exhaustive research (including your ikea pick)! The WalMart crib (I *know*) came out on top re: all their safety and enviro specifications.

VisionWise said...

Hi Lillie! I just wanted say hi, and see if you remember me from high school :) You have a beautiful family, as I knew you would, being such a beautiful person as I remember you... Congratulations on your baby boy on the way... How exciting! Sending you much love and light, blessings... Lauren

Brandon or Michelle said...

hey lady--maybe I could be your bumper pd maker. what do you think? too scary? we night have to talk further--I slipcovered zane's to make annie's, which might be an option if you still have mila's. also, I've seen a few I really like lately, size-wise. I'll email you, you email me. let's talk.

ps--thanks for your comment yesterday. right after you did it, I got a bizarre commenter who told me my post made her sad, and that I should have annie evaluated for her mental health, and I should take some parenting classes before anyone gets (more) hurt. believe it. so I was SO grateful to be able to re-read yours again and commiserate. we're just trying our best, you know? even if it looks bad to everyone else (brandon smiled forgivingly when he read about you parking in the staff spot--then getting caught! lame!). sigh. thanks. :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

wow, should I re-read before i post a comment or what? sorry about all the typos.

Jeanette said...

I can just imagine Mila laying over the pouf, watching you, as you feed your new little guy, it would probably be the most practical thing to buy for the there...the go ahead from your totally frugal sister-in-law! Love ya! You're so good at decorating!

alliehoopes said...

ya but where's all the choo-choos and blue teddy bears and frogs with baseball hats on. come on, lillie. pshaw. try again :)

Hannah said...

How funny- did you know Sarah Jane (where you found that print of the boy and the lion) is a cousin of Tyler and Ambyr? She's amazing. Small world!

bailey d. said...

So excited to see what the final product is going to be. I can assure you that it will be DARLING though! Can't wait!! Your choices are so cute, I am in love with them. :)