Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labor Day with the Smiths!

We were lucky enough to be invited by our good friends Kodi and Ryan (who moved away from the desert several months ago) to their family-house in Del Mar. I love it when fun plans fall in your lap so you don't just end up spending a holiday cleaning out the garage or something.

They've got Kail who's almost 7, Mia who's almost 5, and Laney who's just three months.... the PERFECT ages to entertain my girls. Plus my girls MISS the older ones, so there was so much happy reuniting to do before they could get sick of each other. Kail took the morning shift, getting Mila her milk and putting on a movie downstairs so that everyone was happy while the parents slept in.

Where do I sign myself up for a 7-year-old?

I swear Mila was there at the beach too.... but she complains so much at the beach, she wasn't inspiring me to take her picture. Even though she did have the cutest wedgie EVER-- the whole time. She insisted on her too-small polka dot swim suit, you see.

Sunday we checked out the updated Mormon Battalion in Old Town--- it's SO cool. They've catered it toward the kids and made it so interesting....

After learning about how the battalion panned for gold... they got to do the same...
And one straggler from Ross's iphone of the girls at Wahoo's.

I wish we'd taken a photo together, Kodi. Because this is where I say "we miss the Smiths! See! See how much fun we had together!" But I have no proof we were even all there.

But we do, and we did, and we were. Thanks so much for letting us crash your family vacation.


Kodi said...

Sitting on the couch in Del Mar right now wishing we were playing Taboo again (even though I was useless) . . .Imagine how excited I was when I saw you had posted! Thank you for documenting our fun weekend. We all WERE there. . . .just too busy having fun! Love the pics. Miss you guys already!

bailey d. said...

That looks like you all had sooo much fun! :) Laney is such a doll. So fun. :P