Thursday, September 23, 2010

Some of my favorite boy room inspiration

I like a lot of these elements.... but it's a bummer--- none of these are even perfect to me. I know I like feminine decor, since there are like a BILLION perfect girl rooms to me. I really don't want him to have a girly nursery... and Joe, I know you won't let it go unnoticed when you come for his birth, now that you've made it clear they're ALL girly!

Maybe I'll just pretend I don't know what I'm having and justify a "neutral" nursery---- I'm just not feeling lots of dark wood and sports.

Can't I just avoid pink and call it good?

This boy stuff is hard!


Brandon or Michelle said...

I think by going orange and blue, you've definitely picked a gender (not to mention a football team, mention that to joe, see if it makes him feel better) so no worries about that. and beyond the color, everything you're thinking of looks delightfully neutral and chic. so you go girl.

where are you making this room happen anyway? do you have a still-empty room in that beautiful house of yours?

Melody said...

My boy's nursery is neutral. I didn't want to make it too baby, so it would be an easy transition into a big boy rooom and also if I had a second kid being a girl I could have them share and it not be a gender specific room.

So my nursery furniture is all white, and we made it ethnic using Mexico's bright blues, reds, and all the other primary colors. I always get compliments on it and even had one pregnant woman cry and say she was going to copy it.

It's good to do something other then the cookie cutter baby rooms they put out there for us. I should take come pics and post.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry so much about it, the baby will not care.

Tabitha said...

Love , love, love the room with the zigzag brown & white rug. But, you'd make anything look adorable, you just have that knack. By the way, the few pictures I've seen of you look amazing! You make pregnancy look so easy and beautiful!

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

I love these ideas and I'm sure whatever you decide will look great. Can't wait til you show the finished product. My son didn't have a particularly "boy" nursery. I figured yes he's a boy but he's also just a baby. Do the really boy bedroom when he's older and you can gear it towards his personality. I waited until I could do something that wouldn't drive me nuts. I hate the typical baseball, football, basketball boys room and luckily my son loves skateboarding & surfing so we kind of geared it in that direction. Just do the nursery in what you want and remember he's just a baby so it doesn't need to be manly or anything. That's just my two cents.

Mandy, Kelly, Jackson and Grace said...

Side note. Would you be up for revealing where you got your necklace that I remember you wearing? :) It's so super cute. I hate to ask but I have been looking for one like it for years and I'm tired of searching and thought I would just go and ask the people that I know that have cute ones and go from there. :) I think it's really that I'm just lazy at this point. :) It's okay if you don't want to divulge. I understand. ;)

Debbie said...

Its not feminine, its a baby's room (hence the BABY blue). Plus, it will be a long time before he even cares. That's the good thing about a boy's room.

I liked a lot of your ideas. I would say they lean towards the "modern" baby boy room and not the "traditional" baby boy room. Maybe that could be a Joe-accepted response... :)

Crystal said...

Where is that lion and boy print from? I love it!