Tuesday, September 28, 2010

- I second shot a wedding on Saturday with Tyler from Blue Lily ( I LOVE these two)--- I left home at 9 am and got home at midnight. My body has felt absolutely worked after a five-hour wedding (which is what I book)... so this was rough. Poor Tyler had to hear more than his share of pregnant complaints from someone that's NOT his wife. It was a learning experience. But every time I do a wedding, I wonder if it's my last. I see why not all photographers DO weddings.... hard work! You made it look easy peasy Tyler. Wish I felt like you looked.

- When I came home Saturday night, our faucet had broken off, so we have to turn out kitchen sink on and off by pulling on a screw. Also---- the upstairs AC was broken, so Ross moved the guest bed downstairs and we've been sleeping on the family room floor since Saturday.

- Today the AC guy came and fixed it--- it took like ten minutes... and it felt a little bittersweet.

- Turns out it's fun to sleep on the floor in front of the TV. Reminds me of when we first got married and lived in our little one-bedroom in Provo and moved our mattress into the family room so we could watch Friends re-runs 'till midnight. Our poor home-teachers would come over and teach us from the sofa while we sat on the bed. We were newlyweds... :/ weird.

- I'm feeling unambitious. So many projects to do. I don't even know where to start. I spend too much time looking up ideas online and too little time making stuff happen. Feeling bleh.

- Had a doctor's appointment yesterday. Thank goodness my first visit with him was somewhere after the first trimester when I'd already gained ten pounds so he thinks my weight gain is just fine. It's not.

- It's really really not.

- Sophia is the cutest kindergartner I've ever seen. She makes me more and more proud every day. I just pray she never stops loving me so much.... she makes me feel amazing when I feel like bleh.

- We're supposed to be entering fall. People are decorating for Halloween and Costco is already selling frosty outdoor Santa Clauses. And yesterday was like 113 degrees and a little humid. It makes me ANGRY. Maybe that's why I'm feeling bleh. Please please please give me some bluster and some chill so I can layer over this 26 week stage. I've got far too long to go and far too little to wear. I need a break. And I want to burn some candles and bake some bread.

- Going on a sister's retreat to Vegas with my mom, sisters, and sis-in-laws in November! So excited.... one last carefree hoorah before the baby comes. We're planning lots of eating, shopping, relaxing, and a Circ or two. SOOOO excited.

- I know this was thrilling. If you've made it this far you deserve a reward.

hmmm.... nothing comes to mind. Sorry. Did I mention I'm feeling bleh?

The end.


Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

Love your blog. Miss your face. You're beautiful! Seriously, hottie potottie, drop dead freaking beautiful.

Kodi said...

It's the HEAT. Makes everything bleh. I keep making pumpkin treats, thinking it will help make things feel like Fall, but it's not working . . .Can I pretend to be your sis when you come to vegas? :)

Brandon or Michelle said...

I didn't want it to be over. I like you, bleh and all.

more more, please!

Wendy/Blue Lily said...

You did a great, great job and Tyler was lucky to have you there, pregnant or not! I just hope you recover from such a long day.
love ya

Gladys said...

Sorry your feeling so BLEH! I totally understand. I have those bleh days too sometimes. Lacy and I had a nice visit with each other while I was up in Gainesville the other day. I am so excited for your sisters retreat. You two will have a BLAST!!