Tuesday, September 07, 2010

It feels like she has awaited this day forEVER

And yet I can remember kissing her lips the first time I saw her newborn face, like it was yesterday. Really.

My friend Robyn, from church, does an awesome at-home preschool a couple of days a week that I was SOOOO excited to be squeezed into. Most of the kids are at least a year older, so I wasn't sure she'd take Mila. But sure enough, she gets to go to preschool with lots of friends from church inCLUDING..... SAWYER! (who's blurry profile is seen above...). Robyn was kind enough to put their seats right across from each other, and when I came to pick up, she said he was her protector all day. I love him.

She has begged to go to school for months now, so I knew she wouldn't have a hard time with me leaving today or anything... but I was surprised at how quiet she was while I hovered for a few minutes. She kissed me goodbye and I almost thought she was going to tell me not to go, but instead she said "I'm not gonna cry, mom. I'm a big girl."

Her eyes were darting around, taking it all in.... a little like... "I DO.... want this.....right?" But a couple of hours later, I was back, and she was happy as pie. Ready to pick up her sister from kindergarten, and head home for a gooood nap.

I went through her backpack at home and saw that she'd traced her hand like nobody's business. And I am a proud momma.


brooke said...

I am so glad they can do this together this year!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

Nate's big first day is tomorrow.

I love that Mila said . . "I'm not going to cry". Nate says that, too.

I hope Nate will be like Sawyer one day and protect the ladies!

Kodi said...

Mila looks so darling. . . glad you made it back in time, you wouldn't have wanted to miss this! :)

bailey d. said...

Avery was so excited too. She was even more excited to go with Brinley, Mila, Sawyer, Austin,
Cash, and the rest of that cute group. She came home and was so excited for Thursday. :) Mila looks SOOOOOO cute! She really is a rockstar! Hope the pregnancy is going well...

Love ya!

JMay said...

You have a gorgeous family, u are blessed :-)