Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Yellow Umbrella.. and a story

I saw this over at Smitten Design... was smitten, and then went and bought it here, at this random swim outlet. It was like 20 bucks after shipping and it's like 78 inches in diameter. So cute! I just keep picturing it in some beach photos. Loved it in red too...

Speaking of beach photos... got back from my sister, Mel's last night where we attempted some (beach photos) of her family. I learned that Mila is terrified of the ocean, which I didn't really know because I usually have Ross to hold her the whole time... but didn't have Ross. Did I mention he's been gone to Alaska since last Wednesday?? I can mention it publicly now since he's coming home tonight. Phew! We missed him....

Anyway, the beach---- Mila--- she screamed in terror the whole time. AND, she screamed for her juice that I'd left at the house.

THEN, a seagull pooped all over Melisa's back.

THEN we almost lost Ivy to a huge wave (we were at some crazy beach right by their house in Laguna where the waves break right on the shore creating that big berm and very UNSAFE swimming conditions) so Ivy snuck too close while we were distracted, and I was the closest and the most agile ;) (hah- can you imagine that... in the company of otters perhaps), and in my attempt to snatch her up, fell in the sandy water, and possibly strained my calves????? What?

I have no idea, but my legs were all weird and jello-like afterwards, and the last two days I've had the SOREST calves of my life. Something to do with those weird calf-cramps we get during pregnancy?

Then I tried to force Heath to pose for a picture and he leaned into my very OFF-balance body and I plopped down and felt something of a... pull in my.... groin? Holy cow what is going on? It's like I'm made of cotton candy right now. Like I shouldn't be allowed out.

Oh and then a HUGE, rogue wave, decided to come up OVER the berm we felt so safe behind, and wash over all of our "props" (Mel's cute beach towels etc... ) and my camera bag FULL of equipment! I never knew the waterproof part of it would prove so useful.

The universe was against us it seemed. Now we cross our fingers and hope there's SOMETHING to frame at the end.


Lowdogg said...

Great story. Poor Melisa, and Ivy, and you.

What beach were you at?

Sarie said...

WOW. That was kind of a funny story. Especially the groin part I mean, WHAT? Hilarious.

Brandon or Michelle said...

dude. this sounds like my life lately. do you think ameriac's funniest home videos is out to get us? they know we never watch so they can film us, and america will laugh at us behind our backs?