Friday, August 06, 2010





Remember the random little black bugs we found here and there on our bed? And then we bug-bombed and thought they were pretty much gone. Well I didn't tell you, but they started coming back. We've picked a few off of our bed spread here and there. And then...

I found one ON my neck one morning and one INSIDE my top. uh huh. Inside.

(After much squealing and flailing of arms) This means war.

So we looked and looked and looked and sprayed and tried to figure out where they were coming from. And then Ross got out the flash light and looked behind and UNDER the bed. Where we kept our new food storage. The stuff in big paper bags. The stuff we never put in a sealed plastic container.

And there were the armies. Armies of tiny black bugs AND.... wait for it... and.... weevils. Is that what they're called. Little tiny tanish/almost translucent .........worms???????

I have never had the eebie jeebies like I did last night. NEVER. My skin crawled with goosebumps for hours after we moved furniture, sprayed poison, vacuumed, and threw away our $200 worth of new food storage.

And I literally dreamt of bugs, all night--- all night--- ... and some weird colony of vampires that were after my new baby. I think it's from watching that new show "The Gates." Anyone watching? I admit that my standards get much lower in the summer, but I just might really like it?

I digress--- seal up your food storage.


Kristy said...

Maybe they are bed bugs, which are totally hard to get rid of. You should call a professional.

Megan Daly said...

AAAHHH. That is nasty. I am totally wrinkling my nose reading your post. so sorry.

made a post just for you. go take a look. ;)

mommara said...

AHH I would have died. I think I just shiverd for you. Boo about the food but, at least the bugs are gone.

Karley said...

I totally would have had to go stay at a hotel for like three nights until I felt comfortable enough to go back into my house. Even then, I might have slept in my kids rooms or downstairs for a week! So sorry-so yucky for you!

Triana said...

We had that happen right after I brought my 3 year old home from the hospital. Little black bugs crawling everywhere... made me so mad. I found a huge concentration of them in my pantry... So I vacuumed out the pantry. One night, I went to go make cookies and saw the most disturbing thing... larvae hatching in my flour... turns out it came from the flour from the store. They didn't get in my house and go to the flour... I bought the flour that way! Once you get rid of the source, they go away, thankfully! I hope you have luck getting rid of your creepy crawlies!!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

OH MY GOODNESS. Oh my goodness.

YUCK. I can't imagine having that! although, I do have scorpions. :)

Good luck getting rid of that!

brooke said...

NO WAY!!!! I am freaking out for you. Do you guys need to sleep at my house until you are all clear. I would be so nervous... and that, I tell you is why we don't believe in food storage.

moliver said...

EEEEWWWWW!!!!! I'm so sorry! I would totally freak out! Glad you found the source of your little unwanted guests and you got them all taken care of. ICK!

maines said...

I just threw up reading your post and then threw up again reading Triana's comment. If this happened, I think I might just burn my house and walk away.

p.s. I think your word verification is making passes at me. "Fill me"? What are you trying to say word verification?