Monday, August 02, 2010

Back from the beach!

And I took something like 500 pictures. It's hard to stop when EVERYTHING around you is beautiful. Here's one from the pier in San Clemente I think? Or San Juan? Somewhere near the heavenly Bagel Shack. I decided to play with fake tilt-shift again. Nate and Jaclyn, from that workshop I did, would barf--- but I say fake it 'till you make it. And that tilt-shift lens is PRICEY!

Hope everyone had a great weekend... Ross bug-bombed the house when we left so we came home to these little black bugs (that were TAKING over our house and filling my head with nightmares) DEAD all over. I won't even tell you how many we brushed off of our BED. Sick. sick sick sick.

The Bachelorette tonight! I wish I was having a finale party with someone. Ross will have to do... even if he is snoring next to me.

Getting my hair done tomorrow. Needing an umph somewhere... and since it's certainly not happening below the neck any time soon, I think it'll be just what I need.

Stay tuned for FAR too many photos from the beach... and some where you might even see the bump. A little.


Lowdogg said...

I barred a little, but mostly because of the bugs.

Lowdogg said...

Dang auto-correcting iPad. That should have read "BARFED."

Julie said...

I like the image. I think it looks rad.

So, I'm moving to Huntington beach in a few weeks and would love to hire you to take our family photos. Are you ever out that way? If not, you are welcome to come stay at my home for the weekend a make a vacation out of it! For real!

I know we've never met, but I still like you and know you like the beach. So win win for both of us. And you will earn money photographing a very active family with five kids eight and under. You want to. Admit it. :)

brooke said...

cute new header... what I would give for a bagel right now.
Can't wait to see all your pictures since I only took 3. I didn't mean to be so lazy with it, but having you there makes it so much harder for me to want to.