Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm Popping Out... in all the wrong places

(Photo has nothing to do with post, but check out more over here--- you'll want to see her face, it's darling. :) OH and then scroll down to see my first set of Christmas cards!)

Today, Sophia came up behind me, and like she was catching a fly between two hands, or banging together a pair of symbols, simultaneously gave both of my love handles a BIG clap. And then did it again. And again--- and squeezed. I couldn't stop laughing... and she said,

"what's so funny mom?" ---
"oh... it's just funny that you couldn't help but pat my love handles... it's not the best part of my body."
"oh... they're the funniest part of your body?"

Something like that. The competition's steep these days. Am I to that point where my children are going to start noticing? ... oh heavens.

(No I don't think I've ever said "oh heavens"... but it felt just right.)


Brandon or Michelle said...

I say good heavens all the time. you've just joined my club, girlfriend.

and I was looking in the mirror the other day with a tight shade jammy-shirt on (aka the only person who sees it is my husband, kids, and the occasional unfortunate late night visitor) and I looked just like you in that picture with the white-tighter-shirt-under-a-flowy-jacket-thing-over-the-top number.

is that a problem?

you wanna talk about REAL love handles?

sigh. come to florida.

Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

A few weeks ago in church Luke VanBuskirk was snuggled next to me during primary...he pats my stomach and says "You're so FAT!" I totally had to laugh and said, "Nuh uh! Its just a baby!" and when I was pregnant with Cohen Will used to tell me that I was "so big" Kids aren't the best self esteem boosters! :) haha

Paul*Anne*Cohen said...

Oh how I wish we were going to be here for more than 2 seconds after I have the baby so we could have you take pics! You're amazing Lillie :)

Gladys said...

I so wish you lived in Florida so you could take pics of our Fam! I love your style. Maybe next time you visit Lacy ;). Excited about your new pregnancy. CONGRATULATIONS!!!