Tuesday, August 10, 2010

19 weeks- It's officially official now--- we had the REAL anatomy ultrasound

His eyes welled up and his cheeks blushed and his chest puffed out with pride when he saw that little bit between the legs above. Can you see it? we're looking at belly, legs, and bit. Oh and he laughed. He always laughs when he cries.

Just because everyone asks me how Ross reacted.

And me? I am SO excited and noticing darling little boys and rad little boy clothes more than ever before--- I feel him move all of the time and although he's already done a number on my sciatic, and he's already making me have to pee a hundred times a day, and he's already caused my wardrobe to be limited to elastic-waisted Target skirts...

I'm so, completely, and utterly in LOVE with him.


Kym said...

SO, SO, SO happy for you guys that I can hardly stand it! I LOVE having a little boy. Just wait til he takes your face with both his hands and puts his forehead to yours and smiles at you! Sometimes he even sticks out his tongue to lick my face at that point... :) Talk about being in love!!!

Lindsay Griffeth said...

oh, I love reading your blog about a little boy in your belly.

And how wonderful it is.

Because I'm ready to hang Ryan by his toes! :) But I still love him.

Brandon or Michelle said...

can I tell you I'm relieved? phew! glad they weren't mistaken, and you really do get to dream in blue (and whatever colors are hipper for boys these days). hooray. and I love love loved the description of ross. maybe it was because of the video. I could picture him truckin' a little boy out to the waves that much more.

you are a rock star. wish you were here to snap my lens back on and say, "There you go! back to taking mediocre pictures it is!" :)

brooke said...

YAY! I was pretty confident, but I am glad now Ross can be certain.
He and Mags are going to be great friends...
I miss you. I have had the flu, but keep wanting to call you. Its tougher being here than I would have thought. I need my routine so I think I'll be back in about a week.