Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A weekend at the beach house

This is Magnolia... she was the best eye-candy of the trip. My girls (Sophia especially) are obsessed with babies right now... so she was a good sport while she was forced to watch silly faces and peek-aboos all day. Look at her though... you can see why they're obsessed with her. She is exactly as old as I am pregnant. To the DAY. 18 weeks yesterday.

Each morning, we hit the Bagel Shack for breakfast. I could eat an everything bagel with cream cheese, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, and red onions every day of the week.

Then on to the pier...

This is Brooke and Tyson... to whom we owe this fun "annual" trip... going on year two. Not sure we'll be invited next year when we we've got one more animal in tow. Her kids make my kids look extra wild. She's got two brown-eyed angels.

Below--- our posing, sexy husbands.

This picture is such an accurate portrayal of my girls right now. I've got one angel, one devil. Look at that mischievous smile.

Ross buried some coins while the kids weren't looking, and then went on a treasure hunt with them later. He told them a story about the pirate, Captain Black Beard who buried the treasure... They were SO into it... it was the first thing Sawyer wanted to talk about when he popped out of his room in the morning. So cute.

Maybe my FAVORITE part of the beach house... the bonfire and s'mores. I've never been a s'more lover until the Homec's turned me on to the double marshmallow s'more last year... this year they bought GIANT marshmallows that I failed to capture on camera... they were AMAZING... maybe too big... since they oozed out of every edge before you could catch it. I found marshmallow on my lower back later. What?



Vicki (Nana Albee) said...

Hi Lillie, what beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. You are at our Beach my Mom Valda Prickett lives in San Clementee near the beach. My kids grew up on those beaches. San Clementee pier is our favorite place to walk to and eat on. Your are such a special person your mom is so lucky and blessed. Love Vicki Albee.

Brandon or Michelle said...

hey lady. did you know I'm not even jealous of your wonderland weekend? THAT'S HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU. :) I'm just so happy that you had your husband, your two cuties (I LOVED the devil/angel one...that mila is spunky!), and some wonderful friends to share it with. your description of the whole adventure was so chill and not overly "how lucky are we," and I thank you for that.

and that cutest little belly! has one ever looked so stylish?


maines said...

Beautiful pictures! That looks like a fun and tasty trip. I love the one of your girls eating popsicles. Isn't it so telling that they're both bitters? You can tell a lot about a person by how they eat their popsicle! ;)

brooke said...

Thank you for capturing our trip so perfectly!
What I would give for a bagel right now... and of course you will be invited back next year. Maybe the kids can sleep outside in a tent with our husbands to make more room?