Saturday, August 14, 2010

20 weeks

I've been working on a couple of baby shoots, while my own kicks like mad, especially when I'm bent over and squishing him at the computer... I can't wait 'till he's on the other side of the camera.

20 weeks on Monday... I'm half way there!

Feeling good:

- No nausea since like 10 weeks... I got LUCKY this time. If I get really hungry, my gag reflex kicks in a little strong, but I'm good at eating, so I've got that covered.

- All foods sound good. Especially sandwiches covered in pepperoncinnis... and sushi... not on a sandwich, just normal sushi. Good thing I'm not SUPPOSED to eat sushi right now. yikes.

- Energy level--- ehhh--- it's been better... it's been worse. I think as long as I drag myself to bed after midnight and get woken up by two little scurrying mice by 6am.... I'm going to feel at best---- ehhh. I'm usually tired.

- I know I complain about this a lot-- but I really don't know what to wear right now. I stay in my work-out clothes for most of the day and dread even finding a t-shirt to throw on with sweats around the house. The whole world looks like they're shrinking to me... and I am Amazon Woman.

- A continuation, but that bullet was getting too long--- I feel like I'm growing so quickly. Everywhere. I think I may even be forming two new stretch marks. Stretch marks. Before 20 weeks! That doesn't even make sense. But I swear I'm seeing the beginnings, and I'm a little concerned for what that means for the next 20 weeks. A lot. concerned.

- The worst discomfort is my back slash sciatic. The sciatic pain can be nothing or like a 20 on a scale of 1-10. It's just so extreme and when it strikes, I feel like a hundred-year-old lady--- dragging my legs in a shuffle to get around.

- My skin gets really pretty when I'm pregnant. I can see the red patch on my chin in both of my hospital photos with the births of my girls. And now, in the mirror. It must be something hormonal.

- I know I'm sounding very lovely. A stretch-marked, red-chinned, leg-shuffling 100 yr old lady in spandex. Pregnancy does wonders for my vanity.

- BUT--- I get smiles from strangers all the time now (if I'm wearing something tight where they're less confused and more certain).

- Sophia talks and makes silly faces to my belly all day long and tells me how much she's going to LOVE this baby. Any time she bumps my belly--- she worries she's hurt him and apologizes to him.

- I'm growing a BABY. It never gets old to me. And while I will ALWAYS find it very easy to form a long list of grievances, I love to be pregnant. I hate it, but I really love it. Every night when I go to sleep, I rest my hands on my belly to feel him and fall asleep with that little rush of excitement that something very -----big---- is happening in our lives. And it just makes the list seem so much shorter.


The rlmmmmcaress family said...

Well, thank you very much Lillie. You actually made me feel sad about never having another baby. Me. The one who is sick the entire pregnancy. The sciatic suffering, throwing up, get-this-thing-out-of-me prego momma. I can't believe I did it four times. What was I thinking? It must have something to do with the fact that once they get here, I am totally, madly, obsessively in love.

Sarie said...

Uhhhh I DOUBT that you're anything close to Amazon woman, but thanks for the laugh. I'm so excited for you. SO excited. I think he'll look just like Ross. Can't wait! Your pregnancy is going by fast (for me). ha . xoxo