Saturday, December 02, 2006

An afternoon at the park

This is our little neighborhood park where we usually end up when we decide to go for a jog instead of the gym. Sophia loves the day care at the gym and jumps out of my arms as soon as we walk in. So now she thinks my work out time is her play time and gets kind of anxious when she's stuck in the stroller too long. Luckily the park is never too far away.

So I love the park because I can sit at the top of the stairs while she runs in circles, up the stairs, down the slide, laugh laugh laugh clap clap clap, back to the stairs...etc...She loves it. Of course she flips around and goes down on her belly like the picture depicts. Her hair is usually standing more than on end after each wild ride from all the static, also tried to capture that in the second picture. I feel like my writing is so dull right now... my permission to stop reading...

Anyway it's Saturday but it feels like every other day today because Ross is gone on errands. He's getting two new queen palms for our backyard because I'm throwing my friend, Lizzie's baby shower back there next week... I'm so nervous because everything back there tends to die as we live in...well... hell. Just kidding, I really have learned to love it, especially for the price of homes and the winters. Right now I'm wearing a sweatshirt and my toes are cold and I love it... a rare feeling in the desert.


Missy said...

Ok, she probably couldn't get any cuter. She is a doll! I love that she jumps at the chance to go to the gym daycare. Who is this little girl? A social butterfly for sure. What gym do you go to and is there any chance they will transfer Ross to San Diego?
That outfit...I want to get a vest for Avery. Take pics of your backyard and good luck planning the baby shower. I always think it's fun to do those things. It's the little details, that I love to do. I'm sure it will just be beautiful. Take pictures of that too! I love your blog.

s.a.s. said...

Her mother's daughter! Little big-girl Sophia is just raring to be with the people. What a dream to have your baby love the gym day care. You're so good at going, I'm envious and am motivated by the last time I saw you and could fit my arm around your waist 3 times. I died over the sweater zippie and that sticky-uppy hair! Keep posting Lil, I love it too!!!