Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Survivor Disappointment

So we are regular Survivor fans and just finished our Tivo'd finale last night. If you Tivo'd it and haven't watched the results... stop reading now!!! :) So Yul Kwon was really nice and all. In fact, he went to Ross' high school in Walnut Creek, was a Senior and valedictorian when Ross was a little Freshman. But Ozzy! How can you not love Ozzy?! He was like this half man, half animal, half super innocent little boy. He won and won and won... so I think he should have won. I was seriously so depressed when he didn't. He looked so sad, a little fuller faced and wearing an unfortunate v-neck in the reunion show, but so sad. And I'm sure he could have used the money a little more than our Lawyer friend Yul. At least he won the car.

In the Survivor island mode, I think I'll post a few pictures from our September trip to Hawaii. I meant to a long time ago and the time just kept passing so I gave up. But in honor of cool weather, sweaters, and beanies, let's reminisce a little on summer vacations... well on my summer vacation. :) (Here we are in front of the Laie Temple.)

Ok so Ross and I are so lucky to have really great friends with a Marriott time share that they used in Ko'olina, Hawaii on Oahu. About a month before they were going, they're studio became a full two bedroom suite-- so they invited us to come along. They have a super cute little 23 month boy and they had Lizzie's mom set up to watch Tanner so we had to get someone to watch Sophia. Ross' WONDERFUL parents volunteered and honestly made us feel like we were doing them the favor. They had so much fun with her and Sophia even learned to walk that week in Utah with them... my punishment for leaving her I guess.

So for a whole week, Shad, Lizzie, Ross, and I explored Oahu with no babies in tow and the most beautiful resort to go back to every night. It was unbelievable. Ross hadn't been since he was a young teenager and I hadn't been back to that island since I went to BYU Hawaii for one semester right out of High School in '99. It was our first time together and we saw pretty much everything we'd hoped to. Here are some pics.

On a hike up Waimea falls--- it's not really a hike and the falls were all dried up unfortunately, but it was a beautiful walk through a botanical garden.

Outside our resort, Ross really climbed like half way up this palm tree, he had scratches on his arms to prove it to Shad later. I missed the photo opportunity the first time so he had to do it twice. Oops


s.a.s. said...

Ah... Hawaii. I was just in New York this weekend and remembering the days that you were in the tropics while I was roaming the city, and we'd exchange our lines about home. I loved hearing your descriptions of the beautiful island, and how excited we both were to see each other after we left our respective paradises. You look SO tan and beautiful - what fun you and Ross must have had. Love you!

Rossco said...

Who is this monkey man climbing trees? What a talent.

LasVegasGriffeths said...

I too was very sad when Ozzy didn't win. He definitely deserved it.
Very jealous of your trip to Hawaii. I'm trying to get my family to committ to a trip there next Christmas since we'll be with my family next year. We'll see how successful I am! :)

Missy said...

Could you be any more beautiful. I love the first picture! You are SO tan and look so happy and are in my second favorite state in the country. So wonderful. Thanks for sharing the pics. I can't even imagaine - an entire week without a baby? Was it strange? Were you constantly wondering if you had forgotten her somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Fascinating foray into the world of pop culture commentary.

Nice pics too. The pic of you too hugging in the day time is funny, but only becauase I expect you to kick up a leg and Ross to hold up some Mentos and say , The Freshmaker.

Lacy said...

Hawaii- who doesn't love it! You look so comfortable in the tropics- why don't you consider moving to Florida? I hear it is very similar in climate... Love ya Lil.