Sunday, December 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Mama!

Yesterday was my mom's birthday and I too thought I would copy my friend Missy's great idea and honor my mom on this special day on my little blog.

Look at this beautiful woman. Is it just me or has she just gotten more beautiful with age? The first one is a recent picture of her at Ian's wedding. The next is her in Hawaii, where she grew up, probably only 19 or 20. She was an island girl raised in Hawaii, Samoa, and Tonga. She is the reason Sophia and I share Kelani as a middle name. She spent her youth running on the beach to dry her hair after a shower and working at the Polynesian Cultural Center (first Hauli (sp?) to work there). She has never lost her intense love of ocean water, a warm sun, and a tropical breeze. When at the beach, she still seems as carefree and happy as she must have been at 19 in Hawaii. Growing up, I always felt so cool because my mom was the only mom who would still get in her swim suit and actually swim in the ocean. She taught me how to dive under the waves and everything.

She's a beautiful strawberry blonde mother of six with the spirt of a YOUNG island girl. I only hope I can have a fraction of her contagious energy, youth, and spirit when I turn 56.

Happy Late Birthday Mama--


Lowdogg said...

It's amazing how little she has changed.

I've never thought about how to spell Hauli. What a weird word.

Nice job Lillie.

mamafraper said...

Oh Lillie, how sweet you are. I love you, my little Hawaiian baby girl!I am so flattered.

s.a.s. said...

What a warm tribute to a wonderful woman. Anyone who procures such lovely daughters as Lil and Lace is bound to be amazing, and having met your mom, I'm an absolute believer. From my limited interaction, I know she is gracious, sweet, beautiful and loving. Happy birthday Lillie's mom!

Missy said...

Of course she is beautiful. Who else would have daughters as gorgeous as you and Lacey (and I know there is another sister, but I don't know her). Happy Birthday to Lillie's Mom!