Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mmmm mmmm

I've found a new favorite. I've decided blackberries are my very favorite fruit. Sophia loves them too... I'm pretty sure she could eat a whole container from Costco in one sitting if I let her. She's done about that with blueberries before on a car trip when I was willing to do anything to keep her happy... her poop was black as night and smelled just like blueberries. Maybe that's why blueberries aren't my favorite any more... I actually hadn't thought of that. Oh no, I'd better not feed her too many blackberries. They make me so happy right now. It's way too late.


LasVegasGriffeths said...

i absolutely agree with you. I just finished yet another Costo carton of blackberries. I eat them plain, on icecream, with cool whip, etc. I LOVE THEM.

s.a.s. said...

I would almost say too graphic with the b.m. description, but the smell of blueberries made it all ok:) Love blackberries too - not too sweet - lovely in their roundness with all of those little individual bursts waiting to happen. Yum.