Friday, December 22, 2006

Goin' on Holiday!

So today we leave for San Diego and I'm SOOOOO excited. I've felt like a little kid waiting for Christmas where the days before go by so slow. Lacy and Joe are coming out today from Florida and Ryon and Jeanette from Phoenix so my whole family's going to be in one place for a couple of days. I'm so excited. A whole week with Lacy... I look forward to those stretches all year. Here's a picture of me with my sweet sister for those of you who haven't seen her in a while.

We'll spend a week in San Diego and then head to the airport and fly to Utah for another five days for New Years with Ross' family. It's going to be such a fun couple of weeks. Sophia has cousins, grandparents, and different toys to play with so my job gets a lot easier. Not to mention I have my husband with me, home from work the whole time. I seriously can't wait. About five hours and counting.....

So since I'm in the mood to blog, and I might not have a chance to do it for a little bit, I think this will be a little scattered. This is a picture of Sophia in the park in Palm Desert where Ross plays flag football. We went to try to actually catch part of the game after her nap and it ended right when we go there so we just played at the park for a little bit. I couldn't believe that it almost looked like we had some sort of season there. Although I'm sure it's officially winter, it looked like fall with all the beautiful leaves on the ground and I snapped one picture before my battery went dead. It seems like such a tiny thing, but with no real developed trees in OUR neighborhood, you don't see ANYTHING like that. So to realize that it felt a little better just a town away was comforting. The air was cool that day and there were clouds in the sky (a very rare occasion in the desert). It was a good Saturday.

It got even better when the wife of one of the guys playing football told me she had a trunk full of girl toys, books, and dolls from the girls she nannies that she was trying to get rid of. Ross looked like Santa Claus as he loaded a huge trash bag full of toys--- one of which was like a hundred dollar doll that talks to you and in my opinion is VERY SCARY--- into the trunk of OUR car. It was a good Saturday.


Missy said...

Where was the sister's picture taken? You guys look gorgeous. You Frisch girls. Remember when you lived in la jolla #4 and we were in #1? Fun times except one of your roommates always ate curry or smelly food. That wasn't too cool.

I've said it before and I'll say it many more times - she is SO, SO adorable. Especially in that pink vest. Did you give her the toys right away or wait until Christmas. Scary talking doll sounds weird, but then again Elmo might be scarier. I can't wait to hear what she thinks of it. I love that you rushed over to the costco isle to get her one. That made me laugh. Suddenly you felt this urgency to buy one! You make me laugh Lillie.

Say hit to Lacy.

s.a.s. said...

Amen Mis - that picture of you and Lacy is gorgeous. It was so fun to see the rest of the photos from the wedding etc.! I'm back in internet-land after the holiday haitus and resolve to blog AND talk to my friends more often since I love you dearly!!

Love the Tickle Me Elmo and can just picture Sophia trying to make sense of it. So fun