Saturday, December 09, 2006

A Busy Week Over!

So wednesday night, my house was part of the progressive dinner for our Relief Society which really shouldn't have been any big deal since they provided me with frozen lasagna, bagged salad, and paper plates. However, of course it still gave me a tiny bit of anxiety as several women, most of whom have been moms, wives, and home owners far longer than I, would be visiting my little house for the first time. And when I say "home owners" I mean, home cleaners, decorators, organizers, etc... they notice things. They notice messy corners and unorganized bathroom drawers; overstuffed pantrys and undusted cieling fans... not that they're judging, but they notice. They must. I feel like every day I find something new in my house that I hadn't before realized I was supposed to clean or maintain. And I'm not a dirty person, don't get me wrong. But I've never been responsibe for a whole house until now, not to mention a whole house in the desert, where if you don't dust twice a day your house is filthy (and that's when the windows are closed), and especially a whole house with a "real live" little toddler running around throwing who knows what she got from who knows where behind the who knows what. And just when I think I've really mastered keeping my home clean and organized each day, I find something new that lost order when I wasn't looking. I definitely think mastering order and cleanliness in one's ever changing home comes with time.

Point being: I figured that no matter how clean I thought my home was, these women must know more than I, and just might spot a give-away... yeah, a give-away that I'm 25, a new mom, new wife, new homeowner, new maid ... new adult... exactly what I should be. And then I got over it.

What I really meant to blog about was that I also threw my GREAT friend Lizzie's baby shower (she's having number 2- A GIRL!) in my backyard this morning. As you can imagine from my previous confession, the whole event was preceded by a bit of anxiety, but it went great. I used tents, tables, and tablecloths from my dad in SD (he drove them out because he's the best), and I must say I think it was beautiful. I'm too lazy to grab my camera right now as I'm supposed to be preparing my lesson for church tomorrow (that's what Ross thinks I'm doing) so I'll be posting some pictures from the shower tomorrow.

Kind of a long, rambling post, I must just feel like writing, better stop before I lose my readership of two. Love you both. ;)


s.a.s. said...

Lil, you are the best friend. I never want to forget how great you are at making things memorable. Lizzie must have LOVED the shower that involved such care and decor - I think we really need to follow through on your previous suggestion of a bridal shower in NYC when it's finally time, and please will you be the party thrower??
I have been to your house and felt like the most doted on, cared for, thought about guest ever (towels, sheets, decorative pillows, I think even mini shampoos:) Those 'older adult' women could all learn a thing or two from YOU!

Missy said...

You'd better get up and get your camera because I'm really excited to see the pictures. It sounds more like a wedding reception than a baby shower.

Your house is gorgeous (from the parts you put your blog) and I can imagine that feeling of wanting to make your home look just perfect. Sarah's right, you do a great job at making things memorable. I'm sure those ladies will remember their night at your house just as much as Liz will for her #2 baby shower (congrats to Liz!).

And also, I'd love to help with the NYC shower for Sarah. If you plan the big stuff, I like the details:) Love you Lillie and the long posts.

And in regards to the comment on my post about the Kim' said it perfectly. You don't think about having one of you risk your life for the life of the baby until something like this happens and then you realize that you would have to. You'd have to because this tiny being shouldn't know anything other than happiness and be given a chance at a life filled with it. I tear up just thinking of them.