Wednesday, November 29, 2006

It's Christmas Time!

So I wasn't sure how a tree with lots of tempting, breakable ornaments would go over this year, seeing as we have a tasmanian toddler in our house. But it's survived. She barely shows interest, which overall is a good thing. So I think we're done decorating, but I'm feeling the pressure this year because a portion of our ward's relief society progressive Christmas dinner is happening at my house and the one thing they asked was that it be decorated. I've realized that the longer your married, the more festive you get during the holidays because you acquire more and more decorations... I'm obviously one of the younger women in our ward which means I'm sure my home, while completely decorated as far as I'm concerned, won't compare to the other homes, oh well. It will be fun. Ross put our lights up outside and everything, right after Thanksgiving--- I was so proud.

Each morning, I wake up anxious for it to be night time so I can turn on the Christmas tree lights (Ok so sometimes I turn them on first thing in the morning but the effect is much better at night), turn on the Christmas music, and light the yummy candles. I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!


s.a.s. said...

I came immediately here after seeing on Missy's blog that you had decorated and were going to display. Lil, your house is BEAUTIFUL! I love your beautiful tree (is it real??), the warm golden decor, the big poinsettia, the wreath, etc. etc. The house (which I miss) looks amazing!

If you're ever worried about your number of decorations, remember those of us still pooling 6 single girls hodge podge. Ha! We got an 8 foot live tree on Tuesday and only had lights and a few bulbs to put on it. I think we're going to add some candy canes and a star? You put us to shame.

Congrats on Sophie not noticing the ornaments yet. For years I remember my mom only putting ornaments on the top half of the tree:)

Missy said...

Could your house get any cuter? It's a model home! Can I come out there and get some hints or can you take more pictures of the other areas. I want to see Sophias room too! That's an awesome tree. We're still buying the real kind and our decorations aren't near as PB-ish so I'm slightly jealous of the fake perfected tree. We're getting all our stuff down this weekend.
Oh and your home will look great for the revolving dinner thing. I just know it will. Please do keep blogging. It makes my day!

LasVegasGriffeths said...

Your house is beautiful Lillie! It will be a hit. You have motivated me to finally get mine finished this weekend. I managed to get everything out but it's not done and put away yet. :) You have a beautiful home and everyone from the RS will love being in it!