Thursday, November 02, 2006

Murder Mystery Party

So I know Halloween is long gone now, but I can't keep up with this and I never posted anything about our murder mystery party. So here it is, a picture of all of us at the party. I was Dr. Angela Deth, a dimented dentist ( I should have had a drill.) Ross was the Prince of Dimness, the brother of the prince of darkness, a devil who's afraid of the dark. We also had a witch (pregnant in real life), Frankenstein in a tutu (he was into musical theatre), a mummy, a fortune teller (also pregnant), a well dressed cannible, and the fiance of the dead man. It's not a very exciting picture but it's all we got. The party ended up starting a couple of hours behind schedule and went until like 1:30 am, much later than any of us had stayed up in a while since we all had kids at home. So we forgot to take any pictures. The party was so fun though... My friend Rachelle (the dressy fiance on the left) threw it and she went all out. Her whole house was decorated with orange lights and red candles. She had a formal table set up in the same colors. She made everything from scratch (crazy huh): cheese fondue, stuffed mushrooms, proschutto wrapped asparagus, salad with homemade croutons, Apple butternut squash soup, and king crab legs. And then of course this rasberry, apple tart for desert. The food was fabulous, and the company was great. A warning though, if you ever decide to do a murder mystery party, just make sure you start by like 6:00 because it takes at least four hours to do it right.


s.a.s. said...

How fun Lil! You look great (I remember that wig!), and the dinner sounds incredible. SO FUNNY because that was my Halloween too! We did a murder mystery dinner at my house, and I donned my short bob wig (mine is red). I was Gertie, the owner of London's top fashion magazine. Ha. Remember a few Halloween's ago when we had that great party at your house on University?

mama b said...

hey, I remember that wig, too. I loved it when you wore it at BYU. And Ross, a devil who is scared of the dark. fabulous! We did a murder mystery in mutual one night. It did take forever but was so worth it. We all had to look like we were from the 40's.

Martin Worthington said...

Hello Lillie,

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Martin (for Daggerville Games)